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LED Theatrical Lighting

August 18, 2009 at 5:41 pm

American DJ 64B LED Pro Par Can Light

LED Theatrical Lighting will forever change the way we light stages!  This amazing technology has been in development for years, but has finally reached the point where it is affordable and really works.  LED Theatrical Lighting can now be used for churches and larger theatrical stages since the brightness levels are now high enough that the fixtures can be mounted 40′ from the stage.

Besides the obvious and huge advantage of higher energy efficiency that standard theatrical lights, LED Theatrical Lighting, like the ADJ 64B LED PRO shown above, produce much less heat than standard theatrical lights.  I can tell you from being on stage myself, that lower heat output is a real blessing when you are leading worship, singing in a band or performing in a show!

Another huge advantage of LED Theatrical Lighting is the ability to run up to a dozen lights on a single 20A electrical circuit.  This means much lower electrical wiring costs.  In fact, many churches and schools who could not afford theatrical lights due to the wiring costs, can now use the electrical outlets they already have without overloading them.

Besides these many advantages, LED Theatrical Lighting has two more pluses.  The dimming electronics are built-in!  You just need a standard DMX control wire running from your theatrical lighting controller to each light, daisy-chain style.  It’s very simple to provide dimming control with LED Theatrical Lighting.  Also, LED Theatrical Lighting usually has built-in color changing capability.  This means no more gels to choose, change or wear-out!

Give our LED Theatrical Lighting specialists a call to discuss how you can benefit from this new and exciting technology in theatrical lights.  Call 1.800.562.6006 and ask to speak with a theatrical lighting specialist.  Or you can visit our LED Stage Lighting webpage for more information!