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New Assistive Listening System at CCI Solutions!

February 14, 2014 at 1:33 pm

In January 2014, CCI Solutions developed a strategic partnership with Listen Technologies, a thought leader in assistive listening device technology, to bring churches a range of assistive listening products perfect for congregations of every size. Executive Vice President, Jerry Lamb worked directly with Peter Papageorge, Listen Corporation’s North America Director of Sales, to create a customized suite of products specifically designed to serve the needs of churches and houses of worship.

The goal was simple: Make it easy for a church of any size to buy the right assistive listening systems for their applications at great prices without having to do hours and hours of research.

The answer was to put together three different systems that were scalable. These systems needed the ability to grow with a church over time, yet would require a very minimal investment at the beginning.

The fruit of all of this discussion and consideration is three systems that each uniquely address the needs, size and budgets of small, medium and large churches. One of those systems, the Listen Technologies CC-22 assistive listening system, was specifically created for and is only available from CCI Solutions.

The Listen CC-22 Assistive Listening System is perfect for medium-sized churches with congregations of 200-500 people. The system includes:

1- LT-800 72 MHz 57-channel RF transmitter
1- LA-106 telescoping top-mounted antenna
4- LR-300 17-channel digital receivers
4- 4- LA-161 single ear buds
1- Assistive listing notification sign

The Listen LT-800 RF transmitter broadcasts on either wide or narrowband channels. What that means for you and your church is that you have more flexibility when determining what frequency range you want to use when operating your new devices. This can be very advantageous if your church is located in a more densely populated area or located close to a fire department, police department or hospital that uses a lot of narrow band communication devices.

In addition to having that superior broadcasting flexibility, both the LT-800 transmitter and the four LR-300 17-channel digital receivers included with the system are equipped with Listen’s patented Listen SQ (the SQ is short for “Super Quiet”) technology. All of the components in this system come with Listen SQ automatically enabled. The advantage for your listeners is a sound experience that has 20 dB less “hiss” in the sound they receive than any other assistive listening device available on the market. Hiss in a system interferes with the listener’s ability to understand and hear things clearly.

The combination of the 17-channel LR-300 receiver and the 57-channel transmitter allows for simultaneous use of up to six systems, which support multiple language translation and assistive listening all in one location. The LR-400 and LR-500 receivers have even more channels allowing for still more simultaneous use of audio channels.

View all the details, including diagrams and technical specifications in the complete LT-800 Stationary FM Transmitter User’s Manual.


Better Sound Equals a Better Worship Experience


Woman in church using an assistive listening device


As already mentioned, this well-thought-out assistive listening system also includes four LR-300 17-channel digital receivers. Listen has also raised the bar on this component by creating an affordable, portable receiver that has the same superb high-quality sound as any of Listen’s full-featured receivers. It also has the same recharging options with built-in SmartCharge™ which protects your batteries from overcharging. Because these receivers are 100 % digital, you can operate them in your church with full faith that your transmission will never drift. This guarantees that members of your congregation who are using your Listen system for assistive listening or as a translation system won’t be interrupted or distracted by outside radio broadcasts, track drivers, emergency vehicles, or the local short-wave radio fan club!

Clearer Sound Means the Message Reaches More People

Large churches with congregations of thousands of faithful worshippers need solutions that aren’t limited by operating range. CCI Solutions selected the LS-23 Assistive Listening System as part of our core offering because it provides the premium coverage big churches desire. With an operating range of up to 1500 feet you’re going to get 30% better coverage than what you might experience from any other brand. The LS-23 comes complete and ready for professional installation with everything included: stationary transmitter, universal antenna kit, LR-300 receivers with ear buds, two neck loops (ADA compliance, for use with hearing aids), alkaline batteries and an assistive listening notification signage kit. Expandable to satisfy as many listeners as desired and easily customized if additional parts are needed, the Listen LS-23 is the professional choice for a great listening experience and easy installation with the inclusion of all the ‘Pro’ pieces needed.

Don’t worry, just because you decide the LS-23 is the perfect assistive listening solution for your church doesn’t mean you’re on your own!

Tangles cables and electrical cords around a man's head


CCI Solutions has been designing assistive listening and translations systems for decades. Our CTS certified AV sales techs are ready to help you select the right system for your application and budget. And when you buy from CCI Solutions, we’ll be there, ready to help you with whatever level of assistance you need to achieve the perfect install at your facility. Contact us below to get the conversation started!

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Listen Technologies Boldly Offers an Unprecedented Lifetime Warranty

All of these great components with incomparable features come with something else very special: A Limited Lifetime Warranty. Listen is one of the only manufacturers left that is so confident in the quality of the products they produce that they boldly give you a Lifetime Warranty. The combination of CCI Solutions’ amazing tech support and the Listen Lifetime Warranty means you’ll always have the technical support you need to make sure that your system is always performing the way you expect it to perform, from the first day you plug it in, to ten years later and beyond. For as long as your church exists, Listen and CCI Solutions will be there supporting your congregation with products that deliver your message to anyone needing hearing assistance or translation. That’s a message CCI Solutions wants everyone to hear!


Christian Musician Summit 2013

November 11, 2013 at 5:28 pm
CCI Solutions Tech Tour at Christian Musician Summit 2013

CCI Solutions Tech Tour at Christian Musician Summit 2013

Many musicians and techs from around the region came together at Overlake Christian Center in Redmond, Washington to take part in Christian Musician Summit last weekend. Many great clinicians taught attendees techniques for keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, vocals, songwriting, and audio technology throughout the weekend. Besides all the learning and networking that took place, there were nightly performances from artists like Paul Baloche, Matt Maher, One Sonic Society and more.

CCI Solutions Tech Lounge at CMS 2013

CCI Solutions Tech Lounge at CMS 2013

CCI Solutions was proud to partner with over 35 AV gear manufacturers to create our Worship Solutions Center. Our staff was on hand to offer Tech Tours showing church sound and visual techs through the newest and greatest gear. This gave them a clear picture of the tools available to enhance their church’s worship experience.

Our world-class systems installation group hosted the CCI Solutions Tech Lounge which highlighted some fantastic lighting and visual technology solutions. Duke DeJong, our Church Relations Director was there in the lounge teaching audio and video clinics throughout the weekend.

Gear Giveaway Winners!

Grand Prize Winner Wes Scheu

Grand Prize Winner Wes Scheu

Once again CCI Solutions gave away over $15,000 in gear as part of our Gear Giveaway drawings. The Tech Tour grand prize was a brand-new PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI digital mixer and Waves software live plugin package. The lucky winner was Wes Sheu, Pastor of Worship and Youth with Celebration Community Church in Denver, Colorado. Wes oversees all the creative and technical ministries at his church and was totally blessed to be the winner of the grand prize.

There were lots of other winners too. See the list below.

CMS 2013 Gear Giveaway Winners

CMS 2013 Gear Giveaway Winners

Dallen Don Clark won a Motorola MD200 radio pair
Given Kutz won a Panasonic BluRay player
Margie Peters won a Columbia Sportswear jacket from QSC
Jeff Birch won a Sennheiser XSW headset wireless system
Janese Morris and Ruby Seah won Flexi Kick Drum pads from Vicoustic
Jimmy Oas won an Ultimate Support HyperPad iPad holder
Lisbet Siebert and Rick McDermid won Westone UM Pro 10 in-ear monitors
Frank Vasquez won a ADJ WiFLY wireless DMX transceiver pair
Ty Watilo won an Audix MB5050 MicroBoom choir mic
Joe Mogfuid won an Audio-Technica ATW1102 System 10 Wireless
Cameron Partsch won a Behringer tech bundle (DI box, cable tester and reference mic)
Amanda Wan won an EV N/D767A mic
Stephanie Rogers won a Hitachi DX250 DLP projector
Robert LeEver won a $100 certificate for Intellistage products
Jesse Weatherby won an Assistive Listening system from Listen Technologies
Tim Borque won an Audix VX5 vocal microphone
Catherine Morley won a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-SPII headphones
Don Herold won SkullCandy headphones

Congratulations to all the winners!

PreSonus Digital Mixer Webinar Q and A

May 31, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Rick Naqvi answers questions from viewers in this segment from the PreSonus digital Mixer webinar Q and Aregarding fader recall, Mac compatability and how specific PreSonus StudioLive mixers can be daisy-chained together to achieve a wide range of solutions for live sound applications.

Did you enjoy this series? Leave us a comment! If you’d like to watch all nine episodes from one convenient location, or you’d like to share the entire series with a friend, visit our PreSonus StudioLive Sound Revolution II Webinar page and share the link with anyone you think might enjoy it.