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Community Loudspeakers Create Better Sound for the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre!

October 30, 2013 at 2:00 pm
Annapolis Summer Garden Theater with Weatherized Community iBOX Loudspeakers

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre with Weatherized Community iBox Loudspeakers

This past summer, the performing artists & patrons of ASGT were treated to improved sound & clarity when Community loudspeakers and new sound system components were installed in this beautiful venue.

Founded in 1966, Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre (ASGT) is an outdoor community theatre in Historic Downtown Annapolis, Maryland. With its all-volunteer staff and actors, ASGT hosts three major productions each season in an outdoor garden setting. While most ASGT productions are musicals, the venue also hosts Shakespeare, improv and educational programs.

Community Loudspeakers Make the Difference!

Stage Set for Final 2013 Performance with iBOX Inset – iBOX FOH and WET Stage Monitor

Stage Set for Final 2013 Performance with iBOX
Inset – iBOX FOH and WET Stage Monitor

The outdoor garden setting is pleasant for theatre goers, but it presents ongoing challenges to actors and staff ranging from lingering afternoon heat and inclement weather to noise from boat engines and horns at the nearby City Dock. Scott McCormick, one of two Technical Directors at ASGT, says the theatre’s previous loudspeakers weren’t weather-resistant and had to be bagged or removed from the theatre when it rained and after each performance. In addition, they had poor directional control which contributed to on-stage feedback issues and neighborhood noise complaints.

Last summer, McCormick and members of the tech team approached the board of directors with a request for a new loudspeaker system. He wanted to fly the system on a truss that could double as a lighting truss. He wanted high-performance loudspeakers that were weather-resistant and could be left in place throughout the year. And, he wanted good directional control to provide even coverage in the theatre and reduce sound levels in the neighborhood.

Community Loudspeakers Are the Perfect Choice for ASGT

McCormick contacted David McLain of CCI Solutions who modeled the theatre and recommended weatherized Community Loudspeakers iBOX model iHP-1226WR loudspeakers for left and right front-of-house, i-212SWR’s for subwoofers and WET W2-228 loudspeakers for stage/foldback monitors. The mains and subs are suspended from the truss at stage left and right and the monitors are suspended behind the mains to cover the stage while minimizing their visual impact.

The theatre uses Shure UHF wireless microphone systems with Countryman headsets. On a typical production, all actors are equipped with wireless. The system is powered by QSC amplifiers and uses a Community dSPEC226AN loudspeaker processor for equalization and loudspeaker management. McCormick says the Community dSPEC is a “joy to work with” and he especially loves the amplifier calibration feature. He plans to use dSPEC presets to set up differing equalization for weather and humidity changes.

McCormick says the modeling was very accurate so that coverage is consistent throughout the theatre and they no longer receive neighborhood complaints. When the new Community loudspeakers and supporting systems were first turned on, everyone loved the sound. “Their jaws dropped,” said McCormick. “Everyone in the theatre can hear clearly and this year’s reviews are all positive about the sound.” He also noted that the stage monitor coverage was greatly improved while feedback was virtually eliminated. One actor commented, “I’ve never been able to hear anything like this on this stage!”

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Grace Paoli, Marketing Communications Manager

Community is a manufacturer and supplier of professional audio equipment. Since 1968, Community has led the pro-audio industry with technological innovations which have become industry standards. Today, Community offers over 150 professional loudspeaker products, including engineered loudspeaker systems, weather-resistant outdoor loudspeaker systems, ceiling and distributed loudspeakers and high level voice paging systems. Visit for more information.

Project Profiles – Catalina Church of Midtown

September 22, 2011 at 8:00 am

Situated in the heart of Tucson, Catalina Church of Midtown operates with the simple premise that we need a loving connection to our Father, as well as to each other. Averaging 450 people per week, this growing church has been effective in connecting people but were struggling with getting people engaged in their worship services. “The two issues that kept coming up in discussions were the harshness and lack of intelligibility in their sound and their difficulty drawing people into the service,” says Duke DeJong, Church Relations Director and system designer for this project. In a 350 seat room, people were not engaged in the service. The challenge with both the audio and visuals in the room was to create and engaging space where people would participate in the worship service.

The new audio system centered on Meyer speakers, EAW subs and a Yamaha M7CL console, providing a great balance of energy and clarity. Visually, the desire was to create an immersive environment and bring the focal point to the center of the room. A 3-screen system with Pro Presenter and relighting the stage and room with Elation LED’s controlled by the Jands Vista S1 created a space that engages you from the moment you walk in, with the room being immersed in color but the focal point still clearly being the center of the stage.

“CCI Solutions provided us with such a simple yet profound design. It was incredibly customized for our church and auditorium and we’re thrilled with the results.”
Ted Soderholm Senior Pastor

“Before, I’d have to try and catch people’s attention. With our new set up, everyone was completely focused and riveted towards the stage. We would frequently have numerous conversations happening all over the auditorium with our old set up, but with the new screens everyone can see clearly and be engaged without moving their attention away from the center of the stage.”

“We’ve been the church that tried to do it ourselves, never working with a company like CCI Solutions, but we’ve never been able to achieve these kind of results. I don’t want to go back and nickel and dime a project ever again. Working with CCI Solutions has gotten us results we never thought possible and we’d do it again in a heart beat.”
Brian O’Morrow Worship Pastor

Check out more pictures of Catalina Church of Midtown on our Catalina Project Profile Page.  To see all of our Project Profiles, visit our CCI Solutions Project Profile Page.

Sound Systems in Seattle – Safeco Field

June 10, 2009 at 12:46 pm


Want to know more about the sound systems, lighting systems, video systems and acoustical consulting that CCI Solutions has performed consulting, design, engineering or installation in Seattle and other West Coast cities?  I’m starting a new blog series describing them and giving you links to our project profiles so you can read more.  We’ll start with sound systems in Seattle and work our way south to San Diego over the next month.

CCI Solutions has been the designer, contractor or design-build integrator on a number of Seattle sound systems.  The most famous being Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners MLB team!  CCI Solutions won an aggresive and open competition to provide a design-build integration solution for all sound systems in the ballpark.  We designed an innovative sound system that provides super high-quality stereo sound to all seats in the ballpark.  The sound systems even includes subwoofers just like a major concert touring sound system!  Read about our Safeco Field project in our project profiles.  You can take tours of this incredible fan-friendly ballpark during our beautiful Seattle summer.

Safeco Field, another one of the great CCI Solutions design-build Sound Systems in Seattle!

More to come!