LDI Day 2 Recap

November 6, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Hoping that better late than never applies, here is our long awaited recap from day two of LDI.


Along with a big impressive booth, Martin Lighting has some great new fixtures available too.  With LED being the hot item of LDI, Martin gives lighting designers some great new LED tools to work with.
Martin Mac 101 series – Need a moving head LED?  No problem.  All you have to do is decide if you want an RGB fixture, variable white, warm white or cool white.  With all of these options, you can have the light you want, exactly where you want it with minimal power usage and at a great price.
Martin Mac 350 Entour – If a 575 watt moving light fixture with 6 rotatable gobos and 8 dichroic colors is enticing to you, how about an LED version that uses a fraction of the power.  This fixture gives you all the features you would typically see in a 575 watt moving light but uses 7 high power LED’s with an 8000 lumen output, all at a similar price to a standard fixture in this class.

img_7659 img_76601

Clay Paky
Staying with moving lighs, Clay Paky was showing their new moving fixture that produces a 0 to 3.8 degree beam, great for tight, laser like beam effects.  While this might be kind of a one trick pony, with 14 colors and 17 gobos it’s a very cool looking pony.


Phillips (Color Kinetics, Vari Lite, and more)
When you think about LED and moving light fixtures, Vari Lite and Color Kinetics have to be in the conversation.  Two great offerings from the Phillips family at LDI were:
Vari Lite VL440 – Need a fixture that puts out 9000 lumens of light and includes CMY color mixing, a zoom range of 15 to 36 degrees, frost, 7 gobos and more?  Unless you ned it to make coffee for you too, this fixture will do it.
Color Kinetics PowerCore Series – Whether you need a color changing fixture or variable white, a small brick or a wide strip, the PowerCore Series from Color Kinetics has light to meet any need, and will do so with excellent consistency and quality.


When you think about powerhouses in the lighting industry, ETC has to be one of them.  ETC has been providing lighting, dimming and control solutions for year and few have matched their quality.  This year they had much to offer with new conventional and LED fixtures as well as control surfaces.
Source Four Fresnel – Looking for a fixture with soft focus and an extremely even, bright light?  Your lighting rig is now complete with the new Source Four Fresnel.  Utilizing the same HPL 750 watt lamp as your Source Four Ellipsoidal and Pars,  ETC now provides everything for your conventional lighting needs under one brand.
Selador and Seledor Desire Series – Need something a little more LED?  In this increasingly expanding line ETC has high quality LED offerings to give you the white or color mixing you need.  With a wide variety to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you want in these two series.

img_7683 img_7679

We had a great time at LDI this year and hope that if you weren’t able to make it, our highlights help you know what is new in the world of lighting.  If you’d like to discuss these or any other lighting products with us, please don’t hesitate to call.  We’d love the opportunity to serve you in all of your lighting, audio or video needs.