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Absen Acclaim LED Video Wall Install vs. DIY

Duke DeJong[0:00:14.390]

Hey everyone. Duke here from CCI Solutions talking LED video walls, and in particular we're going to talk a little bit about having your video wall installed versus doing it DIY. And the great news is LED video walls have become a lot easier to deal with - a lot more manageable, and you're certainly, if you've got a little bit of a skill set, can definitely do DIY and save yourself some money along the way. But there's a couple things we need to talk about to make sure that you're gonna be in good shape doing it DIY. Number one, you've got to be able to handle the technology side. The technology side is really important because we're talking about video, and video can be complicated sometimes. We got resolutions and framerates and all this good stuff. So if you're somebody who's got a good handle on video, and you can deal with scalars and be able to transfer your video from one format into the right resolution for your LED video wall, you've got a good leg up. The other piece on the technology is the Nova star processor. We use the Nova star VX for us on all of our LED video walls, and we're gonna pre program that when we send it to you on a DIY project, but it's still good for you to learn how to do that.

Duke DeJong[0:01:28.080]

The construction side is a little bit more complicated. LED video walls are heavy. They are just big beasts, right. A small video wall can be 500 pounds. A large one, up in that 20 foot wide by 11 foot tall neighborhood, can be easily 1,500 pounds - especially once you add some truss, or unit strat header, in order to hang that from. It's really important that you're comfortable dealing with heavy weight loads when it comes to rigging. Part of this is dealing with structural engineers. It's really important that before you put up an LED video wall, you discuss with a structural engineer. This is something our installation team does on a pretty regular basis, and so if you're not comfortable working with a structural engineer definitely give us a call. We'd love to partner with you on helping you get that LED video wall installed. But it's really important that you figure out your total weight loads, you figure out how many points you need to hang it from, in order for it to be safe. Or if your wall mounting it, how much weight that wall can take? And work through that information with a structural engineering at sign-off before you install.

Duke DeJong[0:02:30.330]

Once you have that sign-off, once you have some good direction there, then it's important that you can execute. You've got to be able to hang those points safely, because the last thing you want during a service or even during the week is that LED video wall coming off of the wall, or dropping from where you've hung it. So if you're comfortable with rigging, if you're comfortable with construction, it's certainly something that you can do. But if not, definitely give our installation team a call and we'll work through that with you. But those are the two big things you want to pay attention to when you're looking at install versus DIY. Saving money's great, but you got to make sure you can effectively install your wall and do it safely. If you have any questions, if there's anything we can do for you, reach out to a, and we look forward to serving you.