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Absen Acclaim LED Video wall Pixel Pitch

Duke DeJong:[00:00:15]

Hey everyone! Duke from CCI Solutions, continuing our video series on LED video walls and in this video we want to talk to you a little bit about the differences between the pixel pitch of an LED wall. All LED walls in various size of pixel pitch and probably the first and most important thing to know is what does pixel pitch mean. And so pixel pitch to start off with is the distance between the centers of your actual LED diodes on on the LED video wall. So when you have two different dots that spacing from center to center that's your pixel pitch. So on the Absen Acclaim 3.8 video wall series that's 3.8 Millimeters from center to center on those LED diodes. So the Absen Acclaim series comes in a 3.8 millimeter pixel pitch, a 2.5, a 1.9, and a 1.5. So you've got lots of different options. The question is which one is right for you. Most of the time we're looking at one key question when we're trying to figure out what makes sense for the right pixel pitch for you. And that question is how far away people are sitting from your video wall? The industry says essentially that for every millimeter of pixel pitch you should have one meter of distance from your viewing audience to that LED video wall for it to look good - for those pixels to sort of disappear. So at a 3.8 millimeter LED video wall you're really looking at three point eight meters away.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:48]

So roughly 12 and a half feet for it to start looking like one solid video wall as opposed to lots of individual dots. So the first question foremost is are people sitting more than you know 12 and a half feet away, or for a 2.5 millimeter pixel pitch, are people sitting more than eight and a half feet away. If people are starting to get a lot closer maybe it's digital signage in a lobby or you're just in a high traffic area, or maybe you just have people sitting really, really close to your auditorium and where those walls are mounted in your auditorium. 1.9 Millimeter pixel pitch is about six foot minimum viewing distance and a one point five get you down to five foot so we can get really really high resolution with that, simply by changing that spacing in between your pixels. So that's that's first and foremost. And so for most of the churches and auditoriums we work with, usually you're hanging these video walls a solid 20 feet up stage, and there's usually 10 to maybe 12 feet from the front of your stage to the front row. So in most auditoriums we're dealing with the LED video walls are somewhere between 20 to 35 feet away from the first row of seating. In this case a three point eight millimeter pixel picture is going to be more than high enough resolution for it to look good. Now that being said, the second question is is do you have any specific resolution requirements. So, a 16 foot by 9 foot Acclaim 3.8 millimeter pixel pitch Absen wall is a essentially 720 resolution. So it is high definition but it's not 10 80. It definitely could have a higher resolution to it.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:31]

So if you are doing a lot of fine resolution work. So for instance if you're showing spreadsheets or graphics with fine detail on them you're going to definitely want that higher resolution pixel pitch in order to get a really really good video. So that 720 maybe isn't enough for you in that 16 foot by 9 foot. So at that point you have two options. If people are still sitting farther away you can either go with a higher or bigger wall in order to get the higher resolution or you can get a tighter pixel pitch in order to get a higher resolution in that same space. And obviously as you go with smaller wall that higher resolution still gives you really good quality looking video at a closer range. So those are the two big arguments for pixel pitch. How far away people are from your from your LED wall. You know what's that V minimum viewing distance and what kind of content you're putting on there and what kind of resolution you really need for it to look at if you have any questions we would love to help you. We can do DIY led video wall or Full Installation Services visit us on our Web site. W w w dot CCI Solutions dot com.