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Absen Acclaim LED Video wall Vs. Video Display

Duke DeJong:[00:00:15]

Hey everyone! Duke from CCI solutions - talking today about display walls vs. LED video walls. A common call we get is people looking for a larger display option they don't want to get a projection but they want to do something more significant for a lobby, for their auditorium, and both options really are great. They have plusses and benefits on both sides. But I want to talk real quick about just the differences between the two and why you should look at one over the other. So display wall generally is a bunch of displays made up basically tiled together to make a large wall. An LED video wall is kind of the same thing it's a bunch of LED video tiles that then all get mounted together in order to make up a wall as well. There's some key differences here, though. Price is one of them. Anytime you're looking at doing a display wall with fifty five sixty five maybe even seventy five inch displays you're definitely going to have a price advantage by going with a display wall. They're just cheaper they just are. Once you start getting into larger sizes. Eighty-five, ninety-five, hundred and ten, and larger I would assume in the near future. That's where the price advantage starts to lose, and the LED video walls definitely start to come into the same same price point. But with those smaller displays making up a larger overall display there's definitely a price advantage to the display wall. The other major advantage that a display wall has is resolution and if you think about it it makes sense.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:46]

Anytime you tiles say three TV's by horizontal by three TV's vertical and they're all ten eighty resolution on their own you're going to get a lot more pixel count when you're doing the display wall. You're not going to get that with the LED wall. Most walls that are cost effective in that size you're not going to get maybe even 1080 P. You might but you're gonna be somewhere in that neighborhood. And so there's definitely a resolution advantage when it comes to a display wall. But that's kind of where the advantages stop and start to swing over to an LED video display. Brightness is the biggest one. We have a common phrase when we're talking about installation projects and especially with traditional churches and lots of ambient light or lobbies with lots of windows. And that is the LED video wall always wins - always. It will always punch to the light. It will always be brighter and crisper and sharper and that's a huge, huge, huge advantage. The next advantage is on Seamless ness or kind of the seam of the wall itself. On a display wall even with narrow bezel displays, you're still going to see those gaps in the picture. You got to have the frame on the TV. And they're starting to come out with more narrow bezel displays but nothing is going to be as tight, nothing's going to be a seamless as an LED video wall.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:11]

And so that's if you're looking for that cleaner look, the LED video wall definitely wins. The last piece of that is rigging options. A display wall is really hard to hang. If you're just looking for a simple wall mounted solution, a display wall or an LED video wall are both going to be really great - both very easy to put on a wall but if you're looking to fly something maybe the wall that you want to put it on is a little bit more unique of an angle or it's not flat or you want to actually hanging out in the middle of a room middle of the lobby the LED video wall is definitely got a huge huge advantage there. So a couple a couple of nods to the display of walls. Price often as well as resolution but the LED video walls definitely win when it comes to brightness when it comes to being more seamless and to rigging options. So there you have it real quick pros and cons on both sides. We'd love to help you if you've got a project looking for a larger display or LED video well either way. Give us a call visit us at CCI solutions Scott. We look forward to serving you.