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Absen LED Video Wall Data Cable Configuration

Duke DeJong:[00:00:11]

Hey everyone. Duke from CCI Solutions talking LED video walls. We are continuing our series, talking about data. And really data and in this case is actually the transmission of your video signal from whatever you're trying to broadcast to your LED video wall. So real quick let's talk about just overall signal path. You're going to take whatever your video source is, whether it's a computer or just a single input, to all the way up to a broadcast video switcher. That video feed is going to go into a NovaStar VX4S LED wall video processor. Inside of that process or we're going to take care of a little bit of scaling we're going to take care of any color changes that you want to make happen. Any of those adjustments from a video standpoint are going to happen in that box, and then it's going to essentially break it down into data packets that are going to travel via Cat 6 to your LED video wall. Now how many Cat 6 feeds from that NovaStar box to your LED video wall. Really depends on how large your led video wall is. So on a 8 tile by 8 tile Absen Acclaim three point eight video wall which, is essentially 720 P video, you're actually going to have two data runs that take that signal from your NovaStar box to your LED wall. When you get up to a 1080 resolution, you're actually going to use all four data ports on the back and we'll show you in some documentation how all of that works with your wall when you purchase it from us. But the NovaStar VX4S for us will handle up to 1080 resolution if you're going bigger than that. Then we're gonna end up having multiple of those NovaStar boxes, and again we'll work with you on how that all carves out. One of the beautiful things about buying an elite video all from CCI Solutions whether it's DIY or fully install is we're gonna take care of. We're gonna get you all the information you need and so we're gonna get you a document that shows you how to power it how to wire it the whole nine yards. And so in this case, we're talking one two three or four data cables. Cat six cables from that NovaStar box to the back of your LED walls. Now from there it's super simple for each data run. It's going to be really clean. We're gonna include the little jumper cables that are actually gonna go from tile to tile to tile making it really clean and really easy. In fact let's go get behind this wall here and let's take a look at what exactly wiring this wall looks like. All right. When it comes to the data cables for your LG video wall we're going to include two different length jumpers for you. One is going to be your simple jumpers up and down your tiles one is gonna be your jumpers across your tiles so wiring data for your LG video wall is actually super, super simple. As long as you follow one rule - ignore the tiles where it says data in and data out. It turns out that the data ports are actually just completely parallel and the in and the out don't actually mean anything. So it's a lot easier to wire your led video wall up if you just ignore the fact that it says in and out.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:22]

So every LED do all we do. We're going to start on the top left if you're looking at the front of the LED video wall the top left or from the back of the wall the top right. And so that, that first run from your NovaStar processor is going to go into the in of that tile. We're then going to go out in out in out in all the way to the bottom and then we're going to come across and we're going to work our way back up. So working your way up is super simple. We talked in our power videos about a channel that lives between these tiles here. Same thing is true on the other side for the data.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:58]

We're simply going to go up and in and in so super, super simple.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:06]

Same thing when it comes time to cross.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:09]

We're gonna take our in here. We're going to go through our handle here.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:16]

In there and we're just gonna coil up some of this excess inside of the handles here, and what's funny is is here I went from my data in to my data's OK.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:27]

All of these things are parallel. So what you're going to end up doing and the way we've already pre configured your NovaStar processor is actually to 'S' pattern the data cables on your wall. So you're going to start from the back of your wall top right. You're going to go down you're gonna go over a column and up. Over a column and down, over column and up, and so on until you get to the end of your LED video wall. If you have a larger wall you're going to have multiple data runs. And so at some point in your wall depending on the size you're actually going to stop with the first data run and you're going to bring out second run from you know a star box and you're going to start a new 'S' from there. So all of that documentation all of that wiring pattern is all in the documents we're gonna send you when you buy an LED video wall from us. And it is super, super simple.


Well there you have it. Wiring data for your led video wall super simple. You're going to get everything you need when you order from us including directions on how to wire it up, whatever the resolution of your wall. For more information on how to install your LED video wall package pricing whatever. Visit us at - We would love the opportunity to serve you.