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Absen LED Video Wall Module replacement

Duke DeJong:[00:00:16]

Hey Everyone Duke from CCI Solutions. I'm here with Josh, repair guru from Absen. We're talking about how to repair your Acclaim LED wall. And so a tile, the Acclaim tile, is made up of really four key parts. You've got the frame you've got the two modules on the front of it that hold all your LED diodes. You've got your sending or your receiving card and your power supply. In this video we want to talk about replacing the module.

Duke DeJong:[00:00:43]

But first, why would you replace the module?

Josh Everett:[00:00:46]

Typically it's from impact damage, physical damage that sort of thing. A lot of things happen in the real world that we can't account for. People throw baseballs indoors Frisbees.... There's there's any number of things that could come into contact, and because they are fined pitch there's no bezels, there's no, you know, screen in front, it really takes the damage straight to the diode itself. And when there's physical damage they stop working. So we'll have to take the module out replace it from our spares and then send it off to a repair.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:16]

So what typically how would you know the module was replaced. I mean what's what. What are you going to see?

Josh Everett:[00:01:22]

You'll see black spots specifically in single colors. It's very hard to see a single diode out with moving video, but as soon as you go to a PowerPoint slide or a solid color, you'll see one black spot amidst the entire screen and it needs to be replaced.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:37]

OK. So let's go up to this wall and check out what it takes to remove a module.

Josh Everett:[00:01:41]

OK. So with every order we include a module removal tool. It basically has two very powerful magnets. There is a fierce plate in the back of the module here that is magnetic. The most important thing prior to using this tool is to inspect the magnets. Make sure there's no foreign objects. There's no paperclips no screws no, any matter that would really cause any damage to the module. So from there we place it towards the center of the module that we want to remove. And then you just screw these knobs down. This lowers the magnet onto the module itself. And then using gentle pressure and a slight rocking motion. You can fully remove the module. The only thing to note while the module is out it does have a directional arrow right above the multi-pin connectors. There should always be pointing up it will not fit upside down, but it will cause you a little bit of confusion. But, really assembly is the same as disassembly in reverse.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:50]

Okay so as Josh puts it back in probably good to note that if you're removing a module in the middle of the wall there will be a little bit more tension in there because you get all those modules kind of stacked in on top of each other but there you go in the course of that piece of information. The module is back on. So maintaining your LED wall, this stuff looks kind of big and scary, but really it's super simple. If you'd like more information on, on LED walls if you'd like more information on supporting and servicing your LED walls you can visit us at apps and dot com. Lots of great support there as well. And if there's anything we can do for you just let us know.