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Absen LED Video Wall Power Supply Replacement

Duke DeJong:[00:00:16]

Hi Everyone Duke from CCI solutions we're here talking LED video walls and we've been selling Absen LCD walls for about five years now and we've had very little need for repair work, but it does happen. And what's awesome is the way these panels are designed, the new Acclaim series from Absen, it is super, super simple for you to do it yourself. And so I've got Josh with me here from Absen, repair guru dude's brilliant, he's going to actually walk us through repairing a power supply on an Acclaim tile. So, real quick before we get into this four main parts on these tiles. We've got the frame that holds it all together. We've got these two modules here in the front. We've basically got our power supply, and which obviously facilitates power, and then our receiving card which handles all the data in the video. So what we're gonna do here is, Josh, you're going to take this bad boy part you're going to teach us our repair a power supply.

Josh Everett:[00:01:11]

The first step. You have to remove the modules they slide out with a magnetic tool that will show you in a different video. These pop off just like that. Then you have your hub card here needs to be removed to access the screws to get to the power supply. Very quickly.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:26]

This is just this is just a standard screwdriver correct.

Josh Everett:[00:01:28]

Absolutely. Just a standard Phillips screwdriver. Nothing special at all. Most people have it on their lunchbox so the hub card comes right out. You can disassemble it if you want to go that route but to get to the power supply you have four main screws and then you have your power leads. You have four on this side and three on this side.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:47]

Now there were there were 10 screws on this. Right. Four screws on here so 10 screws and your gold. Awesome. As you're taking this apart obviously one of the things you need to make sure is that you've disconnected this from power. You certainly don't have to take this out on the table - we've brought this out on the table just to make it easier to shoot on camera. But this is super, super simple to actually repair in the air which is I would guess normally how you do it.

Josh Everett:[00:02:11]

Absolutely. Anything that's installed there's no need to remove the entire chasis. All you need is access to the front of the panel.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:18]

Which of course the Acclaim series, brilliant design, these these front modules just pop right off and you got full access to the front. So pop in the screws on the power leads here. And.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:32]

Trying to see how many of them are in there it looks like three on each side. Four on the other, awesome.

Josh Everett:[00:02:37]

Three on the AC side and four on the DC side.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:45]

All right. So we've got these all popped off. Fantastic. And we're working on the other sides here. So once we get these leads off it looks like there's four screws holding the power supply in there.

Josh Everett:[00:02:59]

There are four screws that hold these top straps on that hold it to the chassis. There is nothing beyond that that is. Awesome.

Josh Everett:[00:03:11]

Our supply removed.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:13]

Fantastic. What. What are the key things that you see, or the mistakes you need to avoid? Obviously, besides leaving it plugged in. What are the key mistakes you see when when people are trying to replace a power supply?

Josh Everett:[00:03:27]

Typically the mistakes that I see as they will get the ground, load, and neutral mixed-up. They are all labeled they use standard U.S. power code. So if you're familiar with that it should not be an issue. However, we all have smartphones. It's very easy to snap a picture before you take it out. So I would recommend snapping a picture and then you have that to reference when you're going back together. That's a great call. Also they are all modular and exactly the same. So if for any reason you didn't take a picture, take another module off and you can see exactly how it's supposed to go together.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:57]

You have definitely done this before. Those are really, really helpful tips. Take a photo of it before you take it apart and if you forgot about that. Just pop the modules off another one and you can just take a peek. Really great. We're going to save you guys the time of putting it back together just because it takes a little bit of time here, but that's how simple it is. Just in a few moments a number screws and your power supply is off and ready to replace. And you should have received spare power supplies with your shipment. And so you should be ready to rock if you have any more questions or need additional support. Just let us know visit us at, or give us a call. And of course Absen support is always here as well us apps and dot com.