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Absen LED Video Wall Receiving Card Replacement

Duke DeJong:[00:00:15]

Hey everyone. Duke for CCI solutions here with Josh, repair guru at Absen. We are looking at the new Acclaim LED wall tile. Four main pieces here, we've got our frame our tile frame here, our two modules here that we're gonna pop off, and inside it looks like a lot of crazy stuff in here was really pretty simple. For the most part we've got our power supply our receiving card and we've got this lovely P.C. board here on top. What is this receiving card.

Josh Everett:[00:00:45]

Okay. So the receiving card essentially takes the incoming data and breaks it out into the two modules into basically telling you which diodes do not to turn on when. It's a very small card with a big processor on it and it turns data into pretty pictures.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:02]

And it's pretty important. So 10 screws to remove this board, and then what from there?

Josh Everett:[00:01:09]

From there, we'll remove the hub card. The hub card contains the receiving card here the receiving card is held on by four screws, the hub card also takes the power and turns it into this multi-pin connector that will power the modules. I've already removed these screws here for speed. The receiving card just lifts off. It has two big multipoint connectors. There's only one way that this fits. It's very similar to a P.C. processor, as far as putting it in. It just snaps into place right. Like that with a positive lock - that's all you need.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:42]

Okay. So a couple of things to note: Obviously you want to - you don't need to take the tile out of your wall before you do this it actually all works really well. They're just harder to shoot it on camera if it's up on up on the wall. You do want to turn these things off remove him from power.

Josh Everett:[00:01:57]

Absolutely. You do want to power off the tile either at the tile itself by removing the IEC connection, or ideally just shutting off the breaker.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:10]

Fantastic. Anything special about this, I mean obviously you want to get this receded well, but I assume you don't want to jam it in there. Good.

Josh Everett:[00:02:14]

No you do not want to force it. Again it's very similar to working on a P.C. or anything like that. If you're trying to force it you're going to break it. So as long as it puts together with almost no force you're doing well. One thing to note when replacing a receiving card: they are used in multiple different product lines so it may not have the correct receiving card file or firmware on it. When you pull it out of your spare parts. For that you'll need to go with the included USB dongle, or contact tech support and we'll send you all the files you need.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:43]

Fantastic. So Absen, top notch support available to you guys you can find them at and you can find us at Again, you can see taking apart your LCD wall - they look big bad and scary they're not. They're really simple to take apart really simple to maintain and you can do it to. Let us know if you need any help, let absent know and if you're looking at LED walls, they're right here ready to go.