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Allen & Heath GL2800

Your Ears Will Love Allen & Heath's GL2800 Series Mixing Boards!

Many experienced sound technicians consider A & H's 2800 series mixers a long-time favorite. In comparison to the Yamaha IM8, many techs have found that the Allen & Heath's preamps don't sound quite as harsh. In his review for FOH Online, Mark Amundson writes: "Running down the basics for you Allen & Heath non-believers, the preamps are high-quality transistor front-end circuits for +26dBu headroom (without the 20dB pad) and have a +6 to +60dB gain control range to handle every possible signal source." The compressors on these great analog consoles are also more subtle that those on the Yamaha. One of the goals A & H had when developing this console was to include as many features as possible without blowing up the price.

A step up from the 2200 series, these great new consoles can definitely hold there own against the best of the mid-market professioinal consoles, but at prices comparable to what you might have once paid for a legacy model. Need help choosing? Call our CTS Certified experts at 800-562-6006 and they'll guide you to the board that's exactly right for your own front of house space!