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Audio Test Equipment
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Audio Test Equipment


Don’t let faulty or improperly set-up equipment interrupt your presentation. Our selection of test equipment can help you set-up, fix and maintain your systems to keep them operating smoothly, with optimum performance and minimum downtime.

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Whirlwind Qbox  

Whirlwind Qbox 

All-In-One Audio Line Tester

The Qbox is the all-in-one audio line tester ideal for applications such as live sound, maintenance, installation work – anywhere audio runs down a cable. The Qbox includes a microphone, a speaker, a test tone generator, outputs for standard . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  WRL-QBOX
$218.00 + Free Shipping
List Price $286.42
Save 24% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Whirlwind Qbox Now
Behringer CT100  

Behringer CT100 Cable Tester

Professional 6-in-1 cable tester

Make sure every cable in your arsenal is in good working order with the invaluable Behringer CT100 cable tester. This incredibly portable audio solution is a must-have for sound engineers and musicians alike.

The CT100 accepts . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  BEH-CT100
List Price $44.99
Save 33% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Behringer CT100 Now
Galaxy Audio CM-130  

Galaxy Audio CM-130 

Battery Powered Handheld SPL Meter with ±2 dB Accuracy

Protecting the hearing of yourself and your audience members is an important factor to consider while mixing audio in any setting, and the best way to ensure that your levels aren't causing listener fatigue or hearing damage is by using a Sound Pressure . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  GAL-CM-130
$59.99 + Free Shipping
List Price $84.99
Save 29% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Galaxy Audio CM-130 Now
Hosa CBT-500  

Hosa CBT-500 Audio Cable Tester

Cable tester for XLR, Phone, RCA, speakON, MIDI, Ethernet and USB

A must-have accessory for any studio or stage. The Hosa CBT-500 cable tester offers versatile audio cable troubleshooting. Quickly and easily check the integrity of a wide range of cables. The CBT-500 is simple to use, thanks to its . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  HOS-CBT-500
$44.95 + Free Shipping
List Price $69.95
Save 36% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Hosa CBT-500 Now
Shure A15TG  

Shure A15TG Tone Generator

Battery powered tone generator

The battery-powered Shure A15TG Tone Generator 700 Hz signal source is a sound system accessory that can be used for setting up and troubleshooting audio equipment. The Tone generator microphone accessory will drive low- impedance balanced microphone . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  SHU-A15TG
$149.00 + Free Shipping
Buy the Shure A15TG Now
Whirlwind TESTER  

Whirlwind TESTER Cable Tester

Cable tester with XLR, RCA and 1/4" Connectors

This versatile cable tester checks many varieties of audio cables. It tests most cable combinations of XLR, 1/4" or RCA Phono plugs for shorts, opens, and polarity reverse. The handsfree design allows manipulation of the cable to locate intermittents. . . .

$71.00 + Free Shipping
List Price $92.44
Save 23% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Whirlwind TESTER Now