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Finally there’s an answer to the age-old problem of the bad monitor mix. Whether you’re performing live or working in the studio, accurate monitoring of yourself and the musicians and singers around you is an essential part of the job. Aviom’s Personal Monitor Mixing System can be used with floor wedge monitors, in-ear monitors, headphones, or spot monitors. With a better monitor mix, you can relax and concentrate on the most important part of the music – your performance. And, you can monitor at a lower volume. Aviom has developed a revolutionary monitoring system that can transmit sixteen channels of audio over a single, inexpensive, readily available cable – the same type of cable used in most computer networks.

The Personal Monitor Mixing System uses Aviom’s proprietary technology called A-Net™. A-Net allows the system to transmit sixteen channels of audio with virtually no latency over a single Category 5 (Cat-5) cable, the same cable used in computer networks. Audio from your main mixing board is routed to the A-16T Transmitter, a one space rack-mountable unit that converts the audio signals into digital data that is then transmitted via Aviom’s A-Net protocol to any number of A-16 Personal Mixers in the system. Yes, you read that right; you really can have an infinite number of Personal Mixers, and each can be up to 330 feet apart. Each and every A-16 Personal Mixer in the system can create a unique monitor mix for a performer. The Personal Mixer gives the performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume.There is even an on-board global EQ to tailor your mix to your individual monitoring needs, whether you use speakers, in-ear monitors or headphones.