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Creating a Group

Duke DeJong:[00:00:13]

Hey everyone. Duke from CCI Solutions, my friend Thomas Fonseca from Chauvet Professional - We're here talking about the QuickQ series lighting consoles, and just so many cool features packed in this. We've got a whole lot of videos, totally ready for you to just dive into this thing. But, in this video we're going to talk specifically about group mode and how you create groups. One of the cool features about this thing, is you can kind of run this an old school fixture mode if you have that old 24, 48 console.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:42]


Duke DeJong:[00:00:42]

But if you're like lighting your stage in zones, or you want all your back lights in one group, or maybe some of your, kind of, moving effect lights in one group or they're all doing the same thing. You can use this Group Mode.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:53]

And group mode is really easy. It's easy to create and we'll show you that in the video as well as very effective when you're programming.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:01]

Yeah, yeah you certainly speed up your programming by grouping things of like kind of like fixtures.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:05]

A lot of times you're not just doing one fixture.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:09]


Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:10]

You're actually controlling making the whole backlight one color altogether, or the front light, creating zones where you have multiple lights doing the same exact thing.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:18]

Yeah this is so awesome so let's dive in. Let's let's let's get into Group Mode and talk about how to set up groups to help you program faster.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:25]

All right guys so we're here. You can see I just loaded the demo show so we can see the whole layout. So we're gonna create basically a zone within our stage. So it's really easy. You're selecting the different fixtures in the zone or in the group that you want to create. We're going to hit the big record button which is the red button on the very top.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:50]

And I love that that red strip pops up at the top. That just tells you you're recording something.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:55]

Exactly. And we're gonna hit the group button right there, and you see everything that's flashing - it's basically what you don't have anything recorded to. So I'm just going to record to that group, to that fader. And now if I clear it out, you'll see once I bring these guys up you'll see to just the three units that we had recorded into that group. Super simple and easy.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:23]

Seriously. So how do you edit. Let's say, "Oh man, I forgot - I really meant fixture 19, or fixture 9 to be in that group as well.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:31]

Yeah. So basically let's say I wanted I wanted to add this guy to the group. I'm going to select the four fixtures now that I have on there, instead of three. I'm gonna go ahead and record. And now I've recorded. Once I clear it out, you'll see hey now I have four fixtures in that group.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:53]

So it just over-wrote what was already there. Super simple.


Well there you have it. Creating groups on the ChamSys QuickQ console - super, super easy it's going to really speed up your programming time, and help you program your service, or your show, or whatever you're doing by grouping light fixtures together, so super, super awesome. Thank you. For more information on the QuickQ 10 20 or 30. Visit our website -, and for more training videos, and how to do everything on this console - everything's right there on the website.