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Adding Fixture Profiles

Duke DeJong:[00:00:13]

Hey everyone Duke from CCI Solutions with my friend Thomas Fonseca from Chauvet Professional and ChamSys. We're here talking about the QuickQ 10, 20, and 30 with a QuickQ 20 in front of us. One of the biggest things that always gets complicated right when you've got a kind of a powerful console is inevitably you end up buying a fixture that's brand new. Nobody's actually created profiles for it yet because the manufacturer didn't send that out to everybody yet, or you've bought- I've actually had this happen to me where somebody bought a bunch of like Lightswell LEDs off of Amazon or something, and says Here use these I'm donating them to you right.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:53]


Duke DeJong:[00:00:53]

So you got to figure this stuff out. How do I get him in my console. You guys definitely have a very robust Fisher Library in here, but you're not necessarily going to everything. So let's talk about two those two situations first. I just bought a brand new fixture my console hasn't been updated in a little while so I don't have it in here. What's what should I do?

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:11]

Yes. So we have basically it's a two step process that can go to our Web site. It will show you this how to do this. But you go into our Web site and basically send us the fixtures that you would like us to create a profile for. You, we send you the profile within 24 hours. You take that into USB stick you put it in and we'll show you how to loaded into the console.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:34]

24 hours?!

Duke DeJong:[00:01:34]

24 hours. That's what we a lot of times it's under that.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:39]

That's crazy. So one of the cool things because, I've actually had this happen once one of the cool things is because the ChamSys headquarters is in England.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:48]


Duke DeJong:[00:01:48]

It's like I set my fixture request in in the afternoon. And when I got up the next morning I had an e-mail back.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:54]

Yeah. So we have we have dedicated staff just building profiles.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:58]

We actually have in our library over 21,000 fixture profiles.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:03]

Is that all.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:04]

Yeah. It's pretty extensive.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:07]

We're really good at building, but sometimes we do miss some.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:11]

And and we rely on users sending those fixers to us to get it built.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:17]

Awesome. So that being said 24 hours is huge. So obviously try to plan yourself at least a day in advance or maybe two give yourself some buffer. But if you got you know some brand new fixtures or something that's a little more kind of off brand you know those guys will definitely make that profile for you and get it back to you and we'll show you how to load that in here and just second. The other scenario though is somebody just dumped these for some special thing on my lap like we've got a service and we're doing this baptismal this weekend, and somebody bought these really cool lights off of Amazon or whatever. First of all, please don't, those never work out the way you think they will. But I got to make them work. So one of the cool things in here too I think you guys thought ahead a little bit. You've got some like generic LED RGB profiles, type of thing, in here so if you can get out the manual and find out that it's got like red channel, one green channel two, blue Channel 3 and even the intensity Channel 4 you've got some of those generic profiles in here.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:15]

Yeah absolutely. Anything from a generic just an RGB fixture all the way up to like a generic RGBA or an RGBQAW or RGBA W+UV or some like that - all those generic sort of LEDs we have those profiles already built in there.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:32]

Let's dive into. All right. We've already sent our show file, or fixture request, into the U.K. they've sent it back to it on the disc. Let's get into loading this into my library.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:43]

Let's do it. So if you're going to support you click support.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:46]

If you scroll down you're going to find "Provide Software Feedback".

Duke DeJong:[00:03:52]

So when a click in here,.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:56]

And that's going to throw you to the bug tracker.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:58]

Basically you do have to sign up for it. So it's going to ask you for the first time that you're going to go in you're going to be logged in. Right now I'm logged in already. But we haven't actually another tab. You're going to be in to "Report An Issue" and that's where you're going to get into. And we already have that kind of down over here. So you have a drop down menu under "Category", and that's going to be if you're reporting an issue. If you're asking for personality depending on what you need. You'll also have severity, either minor or major - you need it right away, and that sort of thing. "Platform" would be consoles typically personality. We just ask it to be done for all the consoles, and then you just put in a summary and description of what you need and then down here you can actually upload a file. Let's say you have a PDF of, of a manual that has all the description of where the DMX parameters lay out. Go ahead and attach that to it, and go ahead and submit it, and we'll get it, and return it to you within 24 to 48 hours max. So you see once you once you grab "Personality" - there's a box that comes up right underneath it says "List Personalities". If you click that it will take you to a whole list of personalities that we have. So you can see currently we have over twenty five thousand personalities. So you can either download the whole thing or you can download the actual heads right there, and you can go through it and find first to see if it's in the library already and then you can always update the library of the console.

Duke DeJong:[00:05:51]

All right. So once we let's say we found the fixture profile in the, in the library here. What's the next step. We downloaded it. We save it to USB drive.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:06:02]

Then what you connect a USB drive to the back of the console. And once you do that you're going to go into menu. You're going to go into files and you'll see that as soon as I connect a USB, I can install head file and then you click that and then you going into the console or you're going to go into your USB drive and you're going to install that drive.

Duke DeJong:[00:06:23]

What if we want to update the whole library?

Thomas Fonseca:[00:06:24]

Updating the whole library you can do that this year the offline editor where you can download the whole thing, because it's a large file, so you'd want to do it on the offline editor and then load that show onto, back onto the console.

Duke DeJong:[00:06:42]

Not that this has ever happened to any of us, but let's say somebody just comes in and says I've got these four lights that you've never heard of before and the show starts in 20 minutes.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:06:54]

Make it work right. So you're gonna go into patch and what you're going to find is if we click on the Plus (+) button here you are going to be able to find just regular RG Bs, or if you're going to find you will see there is a generic manufacturer. So under generic in the manufacturer range, we have a bunch of things like Scrollers, like just a regular Blinder, a Dimmer, a seven channel LED, a Amber white UV LED, an RGBA, an RGBAW....

Duke DeJong:[00:07:38]

So there's a lot of generic options in there. How, obviously you've got to find a manual and you've got to figure out kind of what channels do what on your fixture. How would I compare that to that list that's in there. So let's say I have an RGB fixture with an intensity or an RGBA fixture. How would I compare what what the fixture I have is doing versus what the console is looking for.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:08:01]

So what the console is looking for it will tell you right here.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:08:03]

The channel count in and typically in the description it will tell you RGB, and then if it's a sixteen bit and in the eight count comes up with a virtual dimmer as well. So you have to pair it up. If you one in an exact description, you'd have to go to offline editor to be able to see the full breakup of those generic channels.

Duke DeJong:[00:08:28]

So there you have it. I mean...

Thomas Fonseca:[00:08:29]

Pretty easy.

Duke DeJong:[00:08:30]

Yeah. You buy new fixtures and they're not in the library yet or you've got some weird off the wall stuff. It's again some awesome templates in there for you to use, that might get you there. Yeah, but man 24 hour turnaround New Fixture Profile is pretty incredible.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:08:45]

We are typically the fastest definitely to get a new profile out.

Duke DeJong:[00:08:49]

That's pretty cool and that's one of the things we love about ChamSys, and what they're doing here especially since they've partnered up with Chauvet Professional - their support, their turnaround, all this stuff is really, really fantastic. So more training videos and pricing and availability all that stuff for the QuickQ 10, 20, and 30 all available on our Website just go check it out or give us a call.

Duke DeJong:[00:09:11]