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Creating a Cue

Duke DeJong:[00:00:13]

Hey everyone Duke from CCI Solutions here with the QuickQ consoles-lighting console from ChamSys. We've got a QuickQ 20 in front of me, and next to me my friend Thomas Fonseca from Chauvet Professional, part of the campus's family there - and he's brilliant. I love him. So he's going to walk us through our next feature here on this console which is the Cue mode. It's basically sub-master so you can create these individual cues, so kind of like in the old days when we had our 24, 48 consoles and you'd got create all these different presets all these different sub-master.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:49]


Duke DeJong:[00:00:49]

It's like you know scene one is this, and then you fade it out to scene two, fade it out to scene three.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:54]

Yeah, your preshow look,.

Duke DeJong:[00:00:56]


Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:56]

And your first look, and your second look ,and everything else. So it's prerecorded cues on individual faders that you're manually bringing them up.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:03]

And it's super simple to do it on this.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:05]


Duke DeJong:[00:01:06]

So we're going to dive into that. Let's jump around and create some cues.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:10]

Let's do it. Perfect. So I'm just gonna pick a few fixtures I'm in Fixture Mode right now, and I'm going to add the MK2 Spots at full, and maybe change the color. And again, I can change it with the hue and saturation here or I can actually grab it. So I'm going to put these guys in blue.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:32]

That's my favorite blue, I love it.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:34]

Let's grab a few of the Ovations. Two more here. So I have the Ovation 910FC. And we can do sort of a nice little Amber on here for these guys for our side light. We can grab our backwash now and let's put these guys like a 50 percent or so. And again you see as I'm bringing them up on the faders, the fixtures get highlighted. And now I can just change the color of just those fixtures right. Have a nice sort of pale green on here. Fine. So now we have our side light or backlight or spots in blue. This is a scene that we're happy with. This is a look that we like. We can go ahead and record this look now.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:32]

And again, I love that red bar at the top it's just - you are and record mode.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:37]

You're in record mode and I'm going to see there's a button called Cue. I'm going to turn now. These faders are basically static cues now that we can record things to, right. So I'm just going to record now.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:51]

Before, before you do that too late but one of the things to notice if you - let's re-record this I think it'd be great. Let's make a tweak. We'll kind of do a teaching while we go. Yeah let's make a tweak on this. So we want to re-save this cue, because we want make a change so let's do that. And then before you actually save over it I want to point something out.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:10]

Absolutely. So if you go back into "Fixtures", right. I'm going to now. Go ahead. And...

Duke DeJong:[00:03:17]

Those were two bright I felt like those were too bright.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:20]

Too bright, right. So let's bring them down. Let's bring these guys down.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:27]


Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:27]

And now make it read basically rewrite that cue.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:31]


Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:31]

That we just did. So again I hit record.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:34]


Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:35]

Goes into record mode.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:37]

So now we got to go back to the Cue mode, right?

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:39]

Exactly. Cue mode button.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:40]

One of the things I wanted to point out is there is a difference between cues or buttons that don't have a cue saved in them. But there are, so the ones that have cues already saved in them you see the top row. And that last one on the bottom row are a much brighter color. Whereas, the other ones are all kind of a very, very dim color. They're all flashing but one's bright and the others aren't. Those ones that are darker don't have anything on them yet.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:04:06]

Exactly it's domestic to indicate you that you've already recorded on to something like this where you have and these are all empty slots. So we're going to go ahead and rerecord and a message will pop up. Are you sure you want to overwrite something that you've already done and say.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:04:22]

Yes I really want to do that. And you basically you've recorded all of that. So now if we've cleared everyone and bring everything down. Everything that we want. We've cleared it. Soon as they bring this up. Hey look at that. It's exactly the way we've recorded before.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:43]

So there you have it creating cues, Sub-master is totally simple. Totally. Great way to give yourself a bunch of preset looks - looks at you're going to use a lot... different points of the year or for different services but super, super simple lots of horsepower.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:04:58]


Duke DeJong:[00:04:58]

I love it. All right. QuickQ 20,QuickQ 10 and 30 we got the 20 here 10 and 30 on the website. Visit us at To pick up yours or to see more training videos on how to operate the new QuickQ Series from ChamSys.