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Software Update

Duke DeJong:[00:00:13]

Hey everyone Duke from CCI Solutions here with my friend Thomas Fonseca from Chauvet Professional and ChamSys, and we're we're standing behind the new QuickQ 20, the new QuickQ 10, 20, and 30 lighting consoles - pretty fantastic. Tons of horsepower. Kind of, I mean I hate calling it entry level console, but it kind of is but it's also an intermediate console.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:00:37]

It's more than that. It's beginners until intermediate.

Duke DeJong:[00:00:42]

It really is. So we've got to work we've got a whole series of training videos on this thing because we want this to be really accessible from both the beginner up to kind of the novice programmer. But one really, really important thing that we want to show you in this video is updating your software.

Duke DeJong:[00:00:58]

One of the cool things I know about ChamSys is you guys are continually updating adding features, and tweaking how things work as you guys get user feedback and it's like oh man I wish there was this button here. A lot of times that button just shows up. I know the development of this. Like every time I looked at it and when I asked for that. That's awesome, right.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:18]

Yeah. That we really take into consideration are our user base. We have an extensive user base throughout the world, and we really take into consideration all the needs and necessities of different styles of users throughout the world.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:33]

That's super cool. So real quick we just want to walk you through updating your software as software updates come in. Just a reminder for those in the production world, never a good idea to update your software right before a show. If and I'll show this morning at 7:00 a.m...

Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:48]

But I do. I will show you how to roll back.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:51]


Thomas Fonseca:[00:01:51]

Yes you can have that as well where if you load a software right before a show and it doesn't really act the way you think it's going to act, you can always roll it back.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:01]

See they thought of everything. So I'm glad I said that. But my general recommendation maybe forever but ChamSys, don't ever think things like an hour before your service or now before your show. Do it a couple of days ahead of time, but you're going to show us how to roll back.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:14]


Duke DeJong:[00:02:14]

So we've got a "get out of jail free card" I love it.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:17]


Duke DeJong:[00:02:17]

Let's dig in and let's let's show these guys how to update some software.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:02:19]

Sounds like a plan.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:19]

So we're going to go into, and you're going to click under "Support". So once, so once you click under support you're going to scroll down and you're going to going to "QuickQ Online Manual". So once that page loads you're going to scroll down, and here you basically can download three different things, as well as you can take a look at the user manual and that sort of thing. The console software installation guide, all that kind of stuff is all on here. But the big thing is that "QuickQ Console Software". So if you click on that and then you can choose from "Latest Stable" or "Latest Beta" - the Beta is mostly for, sort of, our power users that are willing to test things for us out in the field. I would stick to the "Latest Stable" always especially, especially if you have a show coming up pretty soon. Stick to that one and you click download save it into a USB stick and put the USB stick onto the console and then go to your menu. We're going to go into...

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:37]

Settings. We're gonna go into Update and Update Software so it's going to ask me.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:47]

Stop. "Are you going to really update the software of the console?" Yes. Yes I am.

Duke DeJong:[00:03:52]

Now of course before you update your software. Always a good idea to back up your show files...

Thomas Fonseca:[00:03:56]


Duke DeJong:[00:03:56]

...Both to the console and to a USB drive.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:04:00]

Yes. And please check reference that a video that we have also on Saving Your Show. So right here it's going to ask me to update from USB stick. I'm going to go, yes. I'm going to update from USB stick and then these are all the QuickQ console updates that I have on on my USB stick.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:04:23]

That's right now. So I'm in a low beta right now. And you'll see we're going to be right back into our show.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:35]

So while it's loading one of the cool things I think here that that we'll walk into next is - if you do feel a little, let's say aggressive or like you want to try some new stuff and you do get into the newest beta version.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:49]

If you run into problems, or maybe you just downloaded the latest whatever and something's not quite working right. It's actually pretty easy to roll backwards.

Thomas Fonseca:[00:04:59]

Yeah. So we kept. So the QuickQ consolealways keeps the ability to save the, the whatever version of the software you had last. So you can always roll back to the previous version. Very easily, also. So in that same menu you'd be able to see and click to install previous version, and you click on that and it automatically goes into the into the previous version of the software. And I'll show you quickly how to get to again its Menu -> Settings -> Update -> Update Software. Yes I want to. It's going to go back into this sort of screen. Now instead of update from USb stick, what I'm going to do is I'm going click on "More Options", and now I'm going to say "Rollback to Previous Version". So now it's going to take us one version back to what we had before. And it's going to reboot and do the exact same thing you guys just saw before.

Duke DeJong:[00:06:14]

All right. Boom. Simple. Super, super simple and the get out of jail free card. I love the fact that you can roll your software back, if it reacts in a way that you don't want it to react. So love that.

Duke DeJong:[00:06:26]

And of course you're going to want to pay attention to software updates anyway because again the guys at ChamSys are really, really good about rolling out new features, new fixtures all of that stuff is part of these software updates. And so very important keep your console updated. Yes. And super simple to. Yeah. So I love it.

Duke DeJong:[00:06:41]

More information, training videos, pricing - all of that stuff on the new QuickQ Series of lighting console all available on our website