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Countryman H6 Headset Microphone

The Countryman H6 headset microphone has the same clear, natural sound youve come to trust from the E6i, but with a secure, dual-ear headset design and adjustable boom for more precise placement and repeatable fit for musicians and pastors. Almost invisible, this is the lowest profile headset in the world! Plus, the new cables and connectors are waterproof and nearly indestructable!

Robust Design
Stainless steel tubing and wire provide maximal durability in a sleek design.

Subminiature Capsule
Tiny 0.1” diameter capsule delivers outstanding audio quality. The directional version (inset) provides warmth and extreme isolation. The omni version (main picture) has a beautifully natural response with minimal wind or handling noise.

Sweat-Proof Connector
Detaches from cable with rugged, tightly-sealed snap connection.

Adjustable Length
The boom slides independently of the earloops to place the mic right at the mouth.

Adjustable Earloops
Both earloops slide in and out to achieve a comfortable and secure fit on the head.

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