CD DVD Publishers

Disc publishers are a great solution if you desire to produce your own high-quality, full-color professional CD and DVD projects. The key difference between a disc printer and a disc publisher is that a printer is only printing a design on your discs. A disc publisher is going to both print the design and burn your content on the disc. For custom projects, disc publishers are the better choice because you are going to be able to match customized disc design to customized content. If you want the flexbility of using one design with different sets of content, like a sermon series for example, a disc printer might be the way to go. If you need help choosing the right equipment for the production of your CDs and DVDs call 800-652-6006 to speak with one of our CD DVD production experts. You'll be amazed at the time you'll save and the quality you'll be able to produce with our recommended CD & DVD publishers! Join the CCI Solutions CD DVD publishers family and experience the difference a network of skilled CD & DVD publisher experts can make when you need assistance!