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Earworn and Headworn Microphones

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Sennheiser (SL HEADMIC 1 BE) Wireless Microphone

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Sennheiser (SL HEADMIC 1 BK) Wireless Microphone

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Earworn microphones are an amazing microphone choice for speakers and presenters, offering the best combination of a low-profile mic and sound quality.  If your message and voice need to be heard loud and clear by your audience, the best sound will come from a microphone close to your mouth, which makes earworn or headworn microphones the ideal choice for you.

The main benefit of using earworn microphones over a lavalier mic is that it allows head movement for the user to articulate their every word without their voice moving in and out of the microphone pattern of the lavalier. The headset microphone has a similar functionality to the earset, but wraps around your head, adding additional stability for those who need it. This ensures a stable and quality output sound for you to present.

Earworn and Headworn Microphone Uses


Using a headworn microphone allows vocalists to have their microphone in close proximity, maximizing the sound quality, without having to hold the microphone. This is particularly important for vocalists needing the ultimate flexibility in mobility, especially if any choreography is involved. A headworn microphone offers all the flexibility and mobility you need while still providing a clear and consistent vocal performance.


If you are presenting in front of a large group of people, earworn mics will give you the freedom and accessibility that you need in order to present your speech in an effective and natural manner. The earworn microphone will also perform more consistently than a lavalier microphone if you’re one who tends to turn your head to either side to engage your audience, as the microphone follows your mouth as you turn and maintains its proximity at all times.

Stage actors

Many theatre actors have been switching over to earworn mics too as they provide a better audio performance than a lavalier mic, and the actor can move and speak in a way that allows them to fully engage their audience.

Benefits of Earworn and Headworn Microphones

  • They provide more consistent audio, as the microphone capsule always stays close to the mouth, regardless if the person wearing it turns their head.
  • They provide higher gain before feedback as the capsule is generally much closer to the source than with a lavaliere microphone.
  • They can provide more stability, in particular with a dual-ear or headworn configuration, making it both comfortable and secure.
  • Headworn mics are available with larger diaphragm microphones than lavalieres provide, making them a better choice for vocal performances where more low-end frequency pickup is needed.

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