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Audio Equipment Racks - Portable Sound Equipment Racks

Equipment Racks Protect Your Audio Video Equipment Investment!

You wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on the latest audio and video rack equipment and stack them on top of each other on a table would you? Hey it happens, but it's really not a smart move. We recommend you put your rack equipment in an equipment rack where it belongs. There's a reason why they call it rack equipment, it is designed to fit in a 19 U space rack. You'll not only ensure that your product won't get knocked on the floor, you'll also enjoy how much easier your rack equipment is to use when organized and properly secured.

Here at you'll find a wide variety of quality racks that fit most users needs. If you need a custom equipment rack for your application, no worries; we help to select and design equipment racks for large venue entertainment facilities, racks for church installation projects, portable racks for mobile churchs, studio racks for studios, built-in racks for theatres and more.

Don't forget the great accessories CCI has available to give your new rack the features that enhance your work flow. You'll find rack drawers, power distribution, rack shelves, rack doors, rack casters, rack screws and links to our top picks for rack gear.

CCI feature racks from top manufacturers: Gator, SKB, Flight Form, Lowell, Middle Atlantic, Raxxess and Elite Core and more.