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Hearing assistance and hearing aids

Can people with hearing aids benefit from an assistive listening system?


Even though you may have a good sound system, people using hearing aids may still have trouble hearing or understanding what the speaker is saying. What if you could have the output of your sound system go right into someone's hearing aid so they could hear the message right in their ears? You can do just that with a device called a neck-worn loop induction coil - or neckloop for short.

A neck loop is a simple device that takes the output of a assisted listening receiver like the Williams Sound PPAR37, and transmits it (or makes a magnetic coupling) directly to the listener's hearing aid that is equipped with a telephone coil or T-coil. The neckloop looks like a lanyard that you wear around your neck .The wearer can hide it under their collar or blouse, which can encourage a lot more people to take advantage of the benefit of a neckloop since many people don't like to draw extra attention to the fact that they require hearing assistance .

To use a neckloop, you simply place it over your head and around your neck. It then plugs into the earphone jack of the assistive listening unit. All you have to do is switch your T-Coil on and you are ready to go. If some of your listeners could benefit from a neckloop, we recommend the Williams Sound NKL001, an 18" neckloop that can be used with any Williams Sound hearing assistance system receiver or personal listening receiver. It will also work with any device that has 8-16 ohms of audio output through a 3.5mm mono jack - such as TVs, VCRs and CD players.

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