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How To Hang an Absen LED Wall

Duke DeJong:[00:00:15]

Hey everyone Duke from CCI solutions. We are here talking LED video walls, and in this video we're gonna do something really cool. We're gonna show you how to fly and Absen Acclaim 3.8 LED video wall. So in just a minute we're gonna roll some footage that our friends from Absen and put together hanging a wall actually in their warehouse. But before we get into that just a couple couple key tips that we want to give to you before you attempt to hang in an LED video wall. Number one we're talking about some significant weight here. We're going to send you some drawings with every DIY LED video wall that we sell. If you're if you're buying it with design and installation we're gonna take care of this and work with you and get coordinated with your structural engineer for you. But if you're doing this DIY we're going to give you some information on how much weight you're going to need to be able to hang from whatever you're gonna hang it from whether it's trust on the floor supported, or if it's from the ceiling - we're gonna give you this information. Make sure you get involved with a structural engineer and get that weight signed off on so that you can hang it safely. Number two though one of the most important things when you're hanging in LED video wall is to make sure you get your weight evenly distributed among all of your points. So behind me, on this wall behind me, you'll see a header bar that's got some rings on the top. Those are those you're your mounting points. And there's one of those for every column of tiles on that LED video wall. It's really important that you get your weight evenly distributed from each point. What will happen is if your weight is kind of sagging on on one of those middle points you'll start to see just the slightest sag in you're in your reality video wall and you'll start to see some little gaps in between your tiles. So if you get your wall hung and you're starting to see some little gaps in between tiles, check your weight loads - check it and make sure that every point on that header bar is it's tight and that a lot of times will be what you're the cause of your gaps are. Point number three is when you're hanging your LED video wall there's one little piece of information that's really, really important otherwise you're gonna have a real hard time getting that top row hung.

Duke DeJong:[00:02:19]

And that is on that header bar, there is you're gonna hang that front row or that top row of LED tiles, and there's this little rubber strip that exists on the top of these tiles and that strip is going to be what helps keep all those tiles and tight when you hang them to each other. But on that top row when you're hanging it to that header bar you actually need to take this and you need to remove the rubber strip so that it sits flush against that header bar. So it's super, super simple you can just grab a pair needle nose pliers or a small knife and this rubber strip will just come right out. But in order to hang that flush to that bar you need to remove that top rubber strip. So with that being said I'm going to turn over to our friends at Absen and take a look take a quick look at this and see how to hang a two by two Acclaim series LED video wall.

Duke DeJong:[00:04:23]

And there you have it - super simple hanging an LED video wall really isn't that hard. Most important thing though make sure you get those weight loads signed off on by a structural engineer, somebody who can make sure you're hanging it safely. Past that, get that top row flush get all the weight distributed evenly the rest goes pretty simple from there. If you have any questions give us a call. You can always check out more information, packages, more videos - anything you need on our website.