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How to Mic a Drumset Video Series


In this seven part video series bought to us from Audix Microphones, Mike K and studio recording musician Mike Snyder walk us through their version of miking a drum kit. After the intoduction there are 6 videos that cover miking the kick drum, snare drum, overhead mics, rack and floor toms, high hat cymbals and finally the full drum kit. They feature the Audix mics in this series but the techniques relate to most quality microphones designed for the same applications you will see in this series.
Chapter 1 - The introduction
Chapter 2 - Miking the Kick Drum
Chapter 3 - Miking the Snare Drum
Chapter 4 - Overhead Mics
Chapter 5 - Miking the Rack and Floor Toms
Chapter 6 - Miking the High Hat Cymbals
Chapter 7 - The Full Drum Kit