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How to send your audio mix to other rooms

Here is a simple audio solution from product expert Dieter Gilkey

When customers call asking about a way to send the audio from the main worship area to other parts of the building, they usually get excited about this simple, low-cost approach. Dieter's solution is to split the signal coming off the main mixer using an inexpensive headphone amplifier. The headphone amplifier provides multiple outputs with individual volume controls. Now you are able to send multiple line level signals to separate areas in your building and independently set the volume at the right level for each area. It also keeps the volume control for these areas in one place. Just label the room name under the volume knob and you are ready to go. Dieter uses the Behringer HA4700 and really likes the results. His church is still using this method to feed the sound from the main sanctuary to a classroom and the cry-room.

Adding the headphone mixer to any system is very easy
(1) Run a shielded cable from a main or group output on your main mixer to the line in on the headphone amp.
(2) Run a shielded cable from one of the many headphone outputs to the line level signal input on a powered speaker or amp/speaker combination.
(3) Repeat for as many rooms as needed.
(4) Label the channel on the headphone amp with the name of the room/space.
(5) Check the volume levels on the rooms you are sending signal to and mark the volume on a small piece of board/masking tape on the headphone amp.

If you need separate control for different spaces in your building then this could be an easy, affordable solution for your organization.