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How to Wall Mount an Absen LED Video Wall

Duke DeJong:[00:00:15]

Hey everyone- Duke from CCI solutions, we're here talking LED video walls and specifically shooting videos to help you do it yourself. If you're comfortable hanging in a LED video wall. So in this video we're actually gonna talk about Wall mounting. The Acclaim series LED video wall. Our friends from Absen are going to take it here just a minute because they've done a fantastic job putting together a video that will show you how to get this up there. Just a couple of quick notes before we get into this one we're going to include drawings some basic recommendations with every DIY LED video wall we sell. On The drawings for the wall mount. You're going to notice two things. One we highly highly recommend doing a plywood backing to the wall before you mount the frames to the wall. Mostly just because it's really really hard to get all of those points into studs. And so in order to get that weight load spread out well we're highly highly going to recommend that you do a plywood backing. Check your drawings for more details. But a plywood backing for a wall mounted Acclaim Series wall. Point number two though to point out is as you mount these things to the wall there's a little bit of a gap there in order for wiring to go through but it's not a lot. One of the things that we found in our installs to be really helpful on a wall mounted solution is to actually recess the power and the data into a box in the wall as opposed to just surface mounting it on the wall.

Duke DeJong:[00:01:38]

And if you think about it it makes sense you know if you're going to mount plywood and a frame and then your LED tiles to that frame there's not a lot of gap there. So that's another recommendation we're going give to you and it's specified in those drawings that we're going to give to you. So with that let's get into the video. Let's take a look and see how our friends from apps and actually mount these serious panels to a wall. There you have it. The acclaimed series LED video wall panels from Absen. Super simple love the wall mount option makes for a really really clean install. If you have any questions or need some help give us a call. Or of course you can find more videos and more information online or at our website