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L-Acoustics Kara

L-Acoustics Kara 

2-Way Modular WST® Enclosure

The L-Acoustics Kara modular line source loudspeaker delivers ultimate flexibility to any sound design with its optional low frequency extension. This active, two-way, compact enclosure boasts exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal directivity

Deployed without the low frequency extension, Kara is ideal for enhanced speech and vocal programs. With deployed the SB18 subwoofer, Kara delivers a full range performance, capable of reproducing high-impact low frequency for the most energetic music concerts. An install version with streamlined rigging and a custom color palette allows Kara to adapt to any install that calls for architectural discretion.

L-Acoustics Kara Features:

  • Compact & lightweight design, compliant with rigging & sightline constraints
  • Extended LF resources for contour requirements from flat to medium
  • Clarity, intelligibility, & precision for vocal, speech, & lead instruments
  • 110° horizontal directivity for distributed applications, fills, & central clusters
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive & protection
  • State-of-the-art rigging system for high accuracy & quick setup
  • White & architectural RAL color available (KARAi)
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L-Acoustics LA4X

L-Acoustics LA4X 

Amplified Controller with PFC 4 x 1000 W /8 Ohms. Ethernet Network. AES/EBU

The L-Acoustics LA4X is an amplified controller based on a four input by four output architecture combining the benefits of the self-powered speaker packages with the flexibility of outboard DSP and amplification. L-Acoustics loudspeaker enclosures can be driven by the LA4X in three different modes: "a la carte" - where the 4 inputs/4 outputs are allocated to passive enclosures in a one-to-one link; "full active" - a fully discrete power and DSP drive for active enclosures; and "conventional" - connecting multiple enclosures in parallel.

The LA4X features a green SMPS power supply with PFC. Its high efficiency class D amplification is capable of delivering 4 x 1000W power at 8Ω or 4Ω with class-leading hold times. Other notable features include AES/EBU as standard and extensive DSP resources per output: 1000 ms of delay, a comprehensive EQ station including the exclusive Array Morphing tool together with 8 IIR, 3 FIR, and air absorption compensation filters, and advanced L-DRIVE protection - all with Ethernet networking and a powerful yet simple to use interface backed by a firmware with ultra-fast start-up time.

L-Acoustics LA4X Features:

  • Loudspeaker amplification, 96 kHz/32 bit DSP, Ethernet network
  • L-Acoustics preset library
  • 4-channel class D amplification fed by 4 inputs (analog or AES/EBU)
  • Green SMPS power supply with PFC
  • 4 x 4 DSP engine
  • 4-channel power amplification & power supply
  • 4 x 1000W power at 8 or 4 Ohms for 200 ms
  • EQ station with 11 EQ (IIR/FIR) filters & 1000 ms delay per output
  • Air absorption compensation filter
  • Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection
  • 5-second start-up time
  • LA NETWORK MANAGER 2.2 PC software for remote control & monitoring
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The best sound comes from one source.

Besides providing sound for all their usual major events since the advent of the WST(R) line sources in 1992, L-Acoustics(R) systems today add their sonic signature to numerous installations in theatres, convention centers, sport arenas, houses of worship, and amusement parks. Following the Winter Olympic Games ceremonies in Sochi featuring the new K2 line source system and all other prestigious references, the 250 employees of L-GROUP(R) would like to thank the worldwide community of users and the Certified Providers present in 60 countries for the trust and commitment they have shown in L-Acoustics.

L-Acoustics believes this recognition mirrors a philosophy adopted 30 years ago - the permanent quest for innovation - a philosophy which is relayed today by teams whose objective is to provide you with rational, quick to deploy, powerful but intuitive tools. As ever since 1984, performance must be irreproachable, predictable, repeatable, and all of this for many years, for greater customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that CCI Solutions supports L-Acoustics and their products.