Direct View LED Video Walls

Experience unmatched brightness, contrast, & color compared to projection or display walls.

LED video wall technology is surpassing projection in houses of worship all around the country because of its ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size and shape, even curved. LED video walls look phenomenal even in high ambient light environments, and LED video wall content looks great from every angle. With LED walls, performers can't accidentally cast shadows on the image or get temporarily blinded by the projector beam.

Head-to-head, LED brightness always wins the attention of the audience over projection and LCD video walls. Since LEDs provide the color and the light source in one diode, LED walls are the only type of display that provides true black.

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Longer Life

LED video walls last 2-3 times longer than projectors, 12-15 years, making them more cost effective over time.

  • Performance won't degrade like typical LCD displays
  • LED technology offers constant, vibrant color and high brightness for the lifespan of the LED display
  • LED digital display technologies are industry standard for digital signage for these reasons

Less Maintenance

No lamps, filters, or other parts to buy or change— ever.

  • LED walls are simple to operate and easy to repair
  • Spare panels, control boards, and extra cables included
  • Modular, front serviceable design is groundbreaking for ease of install and maintenance.

More Flexible

Panels seamlessly attach to one another to create a wide range of configurations for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • High-resolution fine-pitch LED panels are ideal for closer viewing
  • higher pixel pitch panels with more space between pixels offer a cost-effective alternative for further distance viewing without sacrificing image quality

LED Video walls bring clarity to your message.

We have LED Wall solutions for every application.

Wall Mount
Indoor LED Video Walls

Included heavy-duty aluminum wall brackets make installation a breeze. We recommend plywood as a backing material, screwed into wall studs. Be sure to paint the edges black to ensure the most flush and integrated look to your LED video wall installation.

Indoor LED Video Walls

No room for wall displays? Time to fly. LED panels attach to header bars that make suspending your LED video wall simple with their integrated heavy-duty eye bolts. Flown LED walls bring your message out into the space with the performers for high-impact audience engagement.

Indoor/Outdoor LED Video Walls

Ruggedly built and weather resistant LED panels are available for applications where you need to set up and tear down frequently. We recommend Absen's Polaris series of portable and outdoor LED video walls.

What are people saying about
LED video walls from CCI Solutions?

“I’m thrilled we made the switch to Absen LED video walls from CCI Solutions at our remote campuses. We Don’t have to compete with ambient or stage lighting, and I don’t have to worry about putting our band right in front of the screen. They look amazing, make our ministry more effective, and our jobs communicating so much easier!”

Isaiah Franco
Production Director

“In the church market these days, the message you present is almost as important as the medium used to display it. Absen continually offers video solutions that allow viewers to fully engage in the content. Our Message is communicated better, using Absen Technology.”

Andrew Stone
Church on the Move
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