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Easy set-up for FOH or monitors: the Group/Aux changeover switch allows the choice of any combination of the aux outputs to be controlled via a 100mm fader including insert point. This flexibility is supported by the front panel Aux EQ defeat switch - when pressed, any auxes assigned pre fader will be sent pre EQ.

The Verona series features highly accurate and musical swept 4-band EQ on every mono channel. The stereo channel is of the same variety with swept mids. There is a switched high pass filter on every channel plus swept frequency on mono inputs, as well as front panel switchable insert points on each mic input.

8 audio sub groups are assigned from individual routing buttons (pre/post pan) from the input channel. There are 8 aux outputs: 2 Aux busses w/ individual Pre/Post Fader switches & 6 Aux busses w/ global master Pre/Post fader assign.

Verona consoles feature Spatial Image System™ (S.I.S.™), which utilizes a central cluster with a left-right system to form three discrete channels. Available from channels and groups.

All Verona series consoles include 8 multi function inputs as standard. These inputs can be mono mic, stereo line or both. The stereo line jacks are for use with either balanced or unbalanced line level signals and are protected from 48V phantom. The mono mic amp input ncorporates a phase switch and a front panel switched insert.

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Midas DL16

Midas DL16 Stage Box

16-in/8-out Stage Box with 16 Midas Microphone Preamplifiers, Ultranet Ethernet Compatibility, and ADAT Digital Connectivity

Upgrade your mixing console and in-ear monitoring rig with the sound of Midas Pro preamps, courtesy of the Midas DL16 stage box. This 16-in/8-out AES50 networkable device makes adding a digital snake to your rig as easy as running a single Cat 5 cable, and you can daisy chain up to three DL16s together, so you can comfortably set 48 remote-controllable Midas Pro preamps onstage with plenty of returns to spare for monitor mixing. Speaking of monitor mixing, the DL16 is Ultraconnect capable, so you can easily integrate it into your Behringer Powerplay P16 personal monitoring system.

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Midas (DL32) Stage Box

Midas (DL32) Stage Box with Midas Mic Preamps

- 32-Input / 16-Output

The Midas DL32 is a 32-in/16-out stage box that includes 32 fully programmable and remotely controllable Midas mic preamps, which are the same preamps found in the larger PRO Series consoles and are equipped with switchable +48V phantom power. Additionally, the DL32 features 16 electronically balanced low impedance line level outputs, as all of the DL32's inputs and outputs have been designed to handle both balanced and unbalanced signals, removing any worries about signal degradation, noise, and crosstalk interference.


  • 16 electronically balanced low impedance line level outputs
  • Ultranet personal monitoring system connectivity for in-ear applications
  • Dual ADAT outputs for use in splitter mode & stand-alone digital multicore applications
  • Cascading options, to create 64 mic/line inputs & 32 balanced outputs
  • System monitoring & security options
  • Status indicator LEDs for each input
  • Features Neutrik etherCON AES50 & Ultranet network ports
  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
  • Mute-All-Inputs function for quietly patching any inputs on stage
  • Housed in road-ready, rugged 19" 3U rack-mountable chassis
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Midas M32R Digital Console

Midas M32R Digital Console fo Live and Studio

With 40 Input Channels, 16 Midas Pro Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses

Midas is unveiling its newest small-format mixer, the M32R, a 40-input digital mixing console that is designed for live performance, and live and studio recording. Housed in a high-performance aluminum and high-impact steel chassis, this console is designed to be both lightweight and durable. The mixer features 16 mic inputs, with Midas preamplifiers, borrowed from the Midas XL4 and Heritage 3000 consoles. In addition, the console features 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses and is fitted with 17 motorized 100mm faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles.


  • Rich, vibrant sound from 16 Midas preamps
  • Incredibly strong yet lightweight, thanks to carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel construction
  • Outstanding signal path with 48kHz digital conversion
  • Impeccable sound quality throughout your signal path, with time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • Best-in-class motorized faders rated at over 1 million life cycles
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Midas Neutron

Midas Neutron Audio System Engine

Audio System Engine with 192 Bidirectional Channels and 96 kHz Sample Rate

The Midas Neutron is a high-performance audio system designed to be the heart of the Pro X live performance digital mixing system. The unit features a HyperMac router capable of 192 bi-directional channels with 40-bit floating point processing and a sample rate of 96 kHz. The standard four DSP cards provide N+1 redundant operation, while the dual-redundant connection to the control center offers enhanced reliability. The system works with snake connections up to 500m with optical cable or 100m with CAT5/5e cable. The Neutron ships with three locking power cords.


  • 100 Gigaflops - latest generation of DSPs, delivering more than 800 audio paths
  • Automatic latency management system, absolute phase coherency at outputs
  • Comprehensive channel processing, easily reconfigurable
  • Fully interpolated equalization controls, just like professional quality analog consoles
  • Two input gains per channel - one offering remote analog gain, one digital gain
  • Frequency-conscious gate and choice of 5 different compressor algorithms for dynamics processing (FX rack offers more dynamics processing options)
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Midas M32 Digital Console

Midas M32 Digital Console for Recording

- 40-Input Digital Mixing Console, 32 Midas Preamplifiers, 25 motorized 100 mm faders

The Midas M32-IP is a 40-input digital mixing console designed for live performance, live recording, and studio recording. Housed in a high-performance, carbon fiber, aluminum, high-impact steel chassis, this console is designed to be both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for professional audio applications such as touring sound, A/V, club installs, and more. This mixer features 32 mic inputs with Midas preamplifiers, which are the very same ones used in the industry standard MIDAS XL4 and HERITAGE 3000 consoles. In addition, it has 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses and is fitted with 25 motorized 100 mm faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles.


  • 40 channels
  • 26 bus outs
  • Digital circut
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Video Transcript

[Music playing] Hi there. My name's Jason Kelly. I'm the Technical Support Manager for Midas consoles in the UK. and I'm going to be taking you through some of the features of our PRO2 console. First and foremost, It's about mixing good audio. We,, as a brand, are renowned for making the best-sounding mixing consoles out there and the PRO2 definitely continues that legend and that legacy. So, you've got a great-sounding console so that when you push the fader up you get some audio out of the speakers It sounds great off the bat without having to go in and start EQ-ing things straight away.

We've spent a lot of time and a lot of energy designing some features into the PRO2 so that it's an incredibly easy console to use and to get around and this is particularly important because it's such a small, compact control surface. Generally with digital consoles the smaller the console gets the smaller the control surface gets, the more difficult it becomes to operate. And, lots of layers of menus, and buttons and functions becomes quite difficult and very long-winded to get to. The PRO2 is all about speed. It's all about getting to things as quickly as possible. So, we've developed some very useful tools to help you do that.

The basic navigation on the console uses a scrolling system. So you scroll through your inputs instead of having layers of, of faders. I have the ability to see up to 24 inputs at one time, by using the "Extend" function. So normally this would be 8 VCAs and 16 channel faders. By using the "Extend" function, I can see up to 24 channels at one time, and scroll them altogether. So this allows me to see more of my console, at one time.

The key thing with the PRO2 is really the advanced navigation functions that we've developed specifically for this control surface. So I'll go through main navigation functions. Fade-to-Flip is probably, or "Mix On Faders" is probably one of the very few, generic digital console features that you'll find on pretty much every board out there. Our console will do that. You go into "Flip" mode and then use the "Select" buttons for your output section, to bring the faders, the contributions onto these faders.

We've taken Fade-to-Flip a step further by developing something we're calling "Collapsed Flip." And Collapsed Flip is enabled from the preferences, just by clicking here, And what this then does, is when I flip a mix, it will only show me the channels that are switched on to that mix. So it's a little bit like a filter, a viewing filter. So now when I select my mixes, all I'm seeing, is the channels that are switched on for that mix. If I want to add a channel, to my mix, so, let's say for instance, that this Matrix output is feeding my keyboard player, for a monitor mix, I can press and hold the "Select" button this opens up all the channels on the console, and when I select those channels, it switches them "On" for that mix, and I can now push up those faders and I would get audio to my keyboard player.

The "Effects" button works in conjunction with the internal effects. So any output that is patched to an internal effect can be accessed by pressing the "Effects" button and then selecting that output. This brings the output up on the screen, and I can access the functions using these assignable controls. When I don't want to see this Effects any more I can either de-select the mix, or, I de-select the Effects section. This can also work in conjunction with the Flip button. So I can have both of those functions working together. So I can now see the contributions of the channels, to that effect, and if I change it to Reverb... we can see that worked. I've now got control over the, uhm, Reverb as well, from the assignable controls. So everything that relates to that mix, I can see straight away.

We can also bring our graphic EQs on to faders by hitting the GQ button. And now, any mix that I select that has got a graphic EQ on it, the VCA faders will show me the graphic EQ. And I can scroll through the filters, with the "Scroll" buttons. This, again, can work in conjunction with Fade-to-Flip. So, I can see the graphic EQ for that mix, and also all of the channel contributions to the mix at the same time. So, I'm accessing multiple things simultaneously from a very small control surface.

One of the most important features that we've developed for this console is this function here, which we are calling "MCAs" or "Mix Control Associations." And, basically, an MCA is a VCA for monitor engineers. So VCAs in a standard format are not very useful for mixing monitors because they only effect post-fader mixes. An MCA allows you to basically mix via VCAs for pre and post channels. So if I enable my "MCA Mode" as soon as I select an output, the VCA buttons basically relate directly to the channel that I am mixing. So, if I select mix #10, and my vocalist wants more keyboards but less drums, normally I would have to go to each individual input channel and turn each one of them up or down. Which obviously takes a lot of time. Using the MCA functions, I can turn down my drums by pulling down my "Drum" MCAs, and push up my keyboards using the, the keyboard MCA. So this basically will turn up all of the keyboards that are associated with this group. All up at the same relative levels.

And this is a completely new way to mix monitors. It allows much more control, and much more speed of access. As soon as I select a different mix, my MCAs go back to zero, and I start again from a clear pallette. And this is really an amazing way and such a fast way to mix monitors, and also to mix monitors and front of house from the same console. So that was a very quick introduction to the advanced navigation functions on the PRO2. It's very competitively priced. Sounds amazing. You definitely want to give one a try. Thanks very much. ????......[Music playing]