Getting great sound for your room is not just about using premium loudspeakers, but about choosing the right ones to best match the geometry of the room and then installing them correctly. Great sound has to be directed properly and always attempts to place the sonic energy on people, not walls.

We are very impressed with loudspeakers NEXO is making like their PS Series full-range point source speakers and their CD Cardioid SubBass systems. They sound phenomenal and let you precisely aim the sound where it needs to go.

The NEXO PS Series loudspeakers solve a coverage problem that most full-range loudspeakers have when trying to cover a rectangular listening area. They use an asymmetrical horn pattern that spreads the sound wider to reach the shorter distance at the front of the room and cover the people sitting close to the stage. That pattern narrows at the back of the room, resulting in the same coverage width front to back.

The result is that everyone hears clear consistent sound with less of the sound bouncing off the side walls! The horns are rotatable too, so you can control the pattern of the speakers on stage when used as floor monitors.

Another excellent coverage solution is the NEXO CD Series of cardioid subwoofers. Low frequency sound waves go everywhere in all directions and most subwoofers produce sound that is omnidirectional. With the CD Series subs, the bass is unidirectional (cardioid) - directed mainly out of the front of the speaker and not behind it. This means cleaner, tighter bass to the audience and less bass directed to the platform.

Nexo has a wide range of high-quality loudspeaker solutions to cover every type of application with superb audio. Our systems designers and senior sales techs can discuss the possibility of a NEXO system with you to improve the sound in your church or performance venue..

Church Sound System Sounds Amazing After NEXO Sound System Install!

David McLain, one of our senior sales techs, recently designed a Nexo PS and CD speaker system for LifePoint Church in Elk Grove, CA. Their leadership and congregation thinks the Nexo system sounds phenomenal. Lifepoints Sr. Pastor says “Every Sunday, one of our congregation members compliments the sound.”

Call us toll-free today at 1-800-562-6006 to get a bid on a NEXO sound system to be installed at your church, business or venue! Our friendly expert equipment team can help you with your audio solution!