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Panasonic AW-HE130 HD PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-HE130 HD PTZ Camera for IP-based production workflow

with network device interface, (NDI)

The AW-HN130 PTZ camera is capable of production quality Full HD video output up to 1080/60p with NDI®

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Panasonic AJ-PX270 MicroP2 Handheld AVC-ULTRA HD Professional Camcorder

Panasonic AJ-PX270 MicroP2 Handheld AVC-ULTRA HD Professional Camcorder for network workflow connectivity

with LAN connection

The P2HD handheld professional camcorder features AVC-ULTRA codecs, microP2 card compatibility, and wired and wireless network capabilities. It's ergonomic, compact and intuitive design takes inspiration from Panasonic's field-proven professional shoulder-mount cameras and is the first P2 HD handheld camcorder that combines the efficiency of low bit rate AVC-ULTRA recording and the flexibility of a 3G/4G/LTE wireless mobility. At only five pounds, it provides the key functionality of a high-end; shoulder-mount camera, with high-sensitivity; low-noise 1/3 type 3MOS imagers to produce stunning pictures; even in low lighting conditions.


  • 1/3-type 2.2 megapixel 3MOS sensor with a 22x optical zoom and 28mm wide-angle lens for superb quality of image
  • Built-in AVC ULTRA recording that features AVC-Intra 200/500/50 and AVC-LongG50/25/12
  • Dual microP2 card slots for cost efficient microP2 cards & simultaneous recording capabilities
  • Network workflow connectivity with LAN connection as standard
  • High quality 10bit/4:2:2 recording video recording at 50Mbps or 25Mbps
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    Panasonic PT-DZ13KU

    Panasonic PT-DZ13KU Projector

    12,000 Lumens DLP Porjector with WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution

    The PT-DZ13KU with WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution and 12,000 lumens of brightness boasts long lamp replacement cycles of up to 2,000 hours, 3D compatibility and installation flexibility, making this projector ideal for large-venue applications such as auditoriums, museums and rental and staging that requires both maximum brightness and easy handling. The Lens Memory adjusts the image size and location in up to three different projection positions and the combination of four new 380W UHM lamps and the Dynamic Iris allow the PT-DZ13KU to deliver a 10,000:1 contrast ratio to ensure super high brightness and best possible picture quality.

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    Panasonic AM-3PA/2B Panasonic 2-Pack AA Batteries

    Panasonic AM-3PA/2B Panasonic 2-Pack AA Batteries for all electronic devices

    with dependable power performance

    These Panasonic Alkaline Plus Power 1.5v AA batteries utilize zinc alloy, electrolytes, and organic inhibitors to dramatically reduce gas build up generated within the cells, while a unique gasket material increases resistance to degradation. This combination dramatically reduces the possibility of electrolyte leakage. Batteries can be used in all types of electronic devices.

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    Panasonic PT-RZ370

    Panasonic PT-RZ370 DLP Projector

    LED/laser DLP projector 20,000 hours of maintenance-free time

    Many projector issues have been addressed with the new LED/Laser-combined light source. From the moment you turn on the projector, you'll notice the difference with the quick on and immediate full brightness. No more lamps and air filters, which lets you enjoy maintenance-free use for about 20,000 hours while maintaining excellent brightness and picture quality and because the Panasonic PT-RZ370 does not use a lamp, has an efficient cooling system, it is capable of 24/7 continuous operation.

    To enhance permanent installation use, this projector comes equipped with DIGITAL LINK support so you can transmit video, audio and control signals up to 100 meters (328 feet) over a single LAN cable. System capabilities have also been improved with 2x zoom and an exceptionally wide lens shift range, thus providing superb flexibility for easy first time and replacement installations. And the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has been reduced because you no longer have to keep replacement lamps on hand.

    The PT-RZ370 projector delivers 3,500 lumens of brightness and the rate of brightness deterioration in the LED/Laser-combined light source is extremely slow compared to lamp based projectors. The SOLID SHINE drive uses a built-in sensor to constantly detect the light intensity of the light source and correct corresponding changes in white balance. This all helps to maintain excellent picture quality for a long period of time. Contrast is outstanding too, at 10,000:1, and images are reproduced with a wide dynamic range. The PT-RZ370 features a Full-HD (1920 1080) DLP chip, allowing highly detailed Full-HD images without resizing and it is also equipped with a 2x zoom lens so it can throw a 120-inch-diagonal wide screen image from approximately 12.8 to 25.7 ft.

    Panasonic PT-RZ370 Features:

    • 3,500 Lumens SOLID SHINE LED/Laser-combined light source
    • DIGITAL LINK- transmit HD video, audio, and control signals via ethernet
    • Instant-on
    • 20,000 hours maintanence-free use
    • 10000:1 contrast ratio
    • 24/7 continuous operation
    • Full HD video projection
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    Panasonic SHAN-TM700 Quick-Release Tripod Adapter Plate

    Panasonic SHAN-TM700 Quick-Release Tripod Adapter Plate for use with AJ-D700 camcorder

    releases quickly for handheld camera use

    The SHAN-TM700 is a quick-release tripod adaptor plate for the AJ-D700 DVC PRO camcorder. This plate allows the camcorder to release from the support for use as a handheld camera, quickly and easily.


    • Tripod Adaptor Plate
    • Quick-Release Adapter
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    We're very pleased to be able to offer you the entire line of Panasonic projectors as part of our complete source of video solutions for churches and other public venues. Panasonic offers cutting-edge technology with LCD and DLP models, giving our CTS Certified AV techs an even larger array of projectors to help equip you with the perfect projector for your project. Choose from the standard format XGA, wide-screen WXGA or Hi-Resolution WUXGA models shown on our website, or ask our friendly AV techs about any of the Panasonic projectors available from CCI Solutions.