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Absen Polaris - Speed. Agility. Flexibility.

Portable LED video walls for touring and portable churches

Absen's Polaris series LED panels are a bright (up to 5,000 nits) solution for indoor/outdoor and portable applications. Built with a unique locking system and the ability to create curved surfaces, Polaris LED walls are ultra-rugged and versatile.

Beautifully bright color and 14-bit grayscale cuts through any level of ambient light.

Absen Common Cathode Technology gives the Polaris Series:

  • 19% lower heat dissipation
  • 20% higher brightness
  • Higher LED lifespan and uniformity
  • Lower power consumption
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Pixel pitch Options


Absen Polaris series LED wall panels are available in 3.9mm, 2.97mm and 2.5mm pixel pitches. Pixel pitch describes the density of LEDs on an LED wall. Pixel pitch is the distance in millimeters from the center of an LED to the center of an adjacent LED.

Viewing Distance - choosing the right pixel pitch

As a general rule, multiply the pixel pitch by 10 to determine the optimum distance in feet that a wall should be viewed from. In a typical house of worship setting, higher pixel pitch LED walls will save money when a longer viewing distance is acceptable.

Since each pixel is represented by a single diode, LED walls produce the highest contrast image on the market, with the darkest blacks and have no backlights like an LCD display wall.

Pixel pitch x 10 equals optimum viewing distance in feet.
Tool Free

Easy assembly and teardown

Polaris LED panels lock together quickly and easily via a built-in magnetic guiding system. Simply hold a panel up to its neighboring panel and magnets guide it into place. The panels lock together via built-in handles, without the need for tools.

The LED panels in the Polaris line are 20% lighter than similar permanent install products, making them back-savers for your crew and an ideal flexible and portable LED video wall solution.

Built tough and weather-resistant

Designed as a touring LED wall system, each Polaris series portable video wall comes with heavy duty road cases for storage and transport, making them ideal for non-permanent applications in houses of worship.

Absen Polaris flexible LED walls are a ready-to-go outdoor LED display solution, thanks to their weather resistant panel enclosures and quick release power and data cores.

Absen Roadcase

Additional Absen Polaris Package Features:

  • Curved and corner LED walls

    Easily create curved displays with integrated corner blocks & 90 corner wall display support. (-7.5 to +10 curvability).
  • Seamless LED Display

    Each LED wall panel is completely bezel-free, unlike LCD video wall panels. LCD wall panels retain the look of individual screens stacked to create a larger image. Bezel-free LED wall panels join together to create one seamless LED video display.
  • Preconfigured video wall controller

    Each LED wall package from CCI Solutions includes a NovaStar video controller preconfigured by a CCI Solutions technician to your specific size and application needs.