Video Projector Lamp

What is a Video Projector Lamp?

The projector lamp or bulb is the essential part of your projector that creates the light needed to make clear, vivid images. Video projector lamps decrease brightness from the first moment you turn them on, and a dim lamp will decrease the brightness of your image, resulting in a poor-quality projection. This critical component will need to be maintained and replaced throughout the life of your projector to ensure optimal output and avoid a burnout in the middle of an event.

How Long do They Last?

The life of a projector lamp depends on the power it's using. The average video projector lamp will give you between 1,000 and 2,000 hours of use, with some lamps advertising up to 10,000 hours. Projectors that allow you to operate in eco-mode can extend the life expectancy of your bulb, however, that eco-mode is less bright than the maximum lumen output advertised for the projector. You can also extend the life of your projector bulbs by keeping them in a dry, cool and dust-free place and to leave the projector’s fan on after using the projector to allow the lamp to cool. Restricting airflow will cause your lamp to lose brightness or burn out quicker than its estimated life expectancy.

Types of Projector Lamps At CCI Solutions

What type of replacement projector lamp do you need? It depends on the projector you have. CCI Solutions stocks original manufacturer replacement projector lamps as well as third party replacement projector lamps that are generally available at a lower cost.  It’s important to note that with some projector manufacturers, using a third-party projector lamp will void the warranty, so it’s best to use the original manufacturer lamps while your projector is still under warranty.

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