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 How to mic instruments like a pro videos. Learn how to improve the sound at your church!

Improve the Sound in Your Church by Learning How to Properly Place Instrument Microphones!

That's right, you can learn how to place just about any type of instrument mic by watching the videos from our Mic Like a Pro webinar. The pros at CCI Solutions and Sennheiser show you how to improve the sound at your church in this informative seven video collection from our recent webinar. We're sure you'll not only enjoy the videos, we think you'll learn some new techniques. Feel free to share the link to the videos with your tech and worship teams!

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Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 1 (Best Practices)

In part one of the Webinar after the introduction, Ron Simonson from CCI Solutions starts with an overview of "best practices" and the importance of using your ears when miking instruments. Next, Andrew Kornstein from Sennheiser introduces the various techniques and instruments recorded at "The Barn." Both Ron and Andrew will demonstrate the basic principles of getting great sound from your microphones. All this is presented with the church sound tech in mind to help get the best possible results during a live worship setting.

Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 2 (Drums)

In part two, Andrew starts his in-depth exploration of proper microphone technique with the drum kit. He shows you how to get a good drum sound with a simple set-up using just three microphones. Then he describes how to get greater isolation with seven mics. Featured microphones include the Sennheiser E602, E604, E905 MD421II dynamics and E914 condenser. Ron emphasizes that proper drum tuning always yields better results.

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Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 3 (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Bass Guitar)

In part three, Andrew shows you how to mic acoustic/electric guitars and bass. He shows you how to find the "sweet spot" for speaker cabinets. You'll learn why and when to use a DI in conjunction with microphones. Microphones that are demonstrated include the Sennheiser e906, e609, MD421 II dynamics and the e914 condenser. Ron describes the advantages of using a large diaphragm condenser mic for acoustic guitars. Additionally, you'll learn how get the best gain before feedback when miking acoustic guitars.

Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 4 (Piano)

In part four, you'll find out how to properly mic a piano for a worship environment. You'll get to learn the best ways to use stereo pairs of microphones to get a balanced frequency range of the piano. One of the biggest challenges for church sound techs is achieving stereo separation without phase cancellation. Find out how to curb these common problems and how to get an amazing stereo sound with greater depth! Microphones included in part four include the e914 small diaphragm condenser microphone.

Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 5 (Dobro, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo & Conga)

In part five, you'll learn how to mic some of the more unusual instruments that we are starting to hear more in contemporary worship. These instruments include the mandolin, resonator guitar, banjo, ukulele, congas and djembe. You'll learn how to use the proximity effect of the microphone to your advantage to get a fuller sound out of small bodied instruments like mandolin and ukulele. You'll also find out how to incorporate the Sennheiser e902 and e602 large diaphragm dynamic microphones to get rich low-end from your hand drum. Other microphones demonstrated are the e609, e906, e905, e604 dynamics and the e914 condenser.

Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 6 (Brass, Woodwinds & Strings)

In part six, Ron & Andrew show you how to mic brass, woodwinds and strings. They describe how you can shape your sound when dealing with saxophones. Ron shares with you the advantages of bell mounting a microphone to a saxophone. You'll learn why and when to use close versus distant microphone techniques when thinking about strings. Microphones that are demonstrated include the Sennheiser e602, MD421 II dynamics and the e914, e908TEW lavalier, MK4 and MKE2 GOLD condensers. Ron then reviews all of the microphones that have been presented during the Webinar so far.

Learn to Mic Like a Pro Part 7 (Wrap Up)

In part seven, we wrap up the Webinar with a review of basic principles presented throughout. Ron & Andrew then answer some of the questions sent in from Webinar viewers. Ron describes our "Try It Free" program and how you can get hands-on experience with various pro A/V gear at your church.

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