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The Light Source

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The Light Source (MAB) Mega-Clamp

The Light Source (MAB) Mega-Clamp Mab

Aluminum C-Clamp with Black Anodized Finish

The Light Source Mega-Clamp is the standard theatrical lighting C-clamp. Created from high tensile, aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum, it's stronger and lighter than cast iron clamps. The safety factor far exceeds industry standards, breaking at over 2 1/2 tons at an independent testing laboratory. It is half the weight and twice as strong as most cast iron clamps.


  • Standard theatrical lighting C-clamp
  • High tensile, aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum
  • Breaks at over 2 1/2 tons
  • Half the weight & twice as strong as most cast iron clamps
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The Light Source MWB Mega-Claw

The Light Source MWB Mega-Claw Clamp

Black mega-claw clamp 1.5"-2" pipe

The Light Source's Mega-Claw Clamp allows one person to hang intelligent fixtures. Simply flip the link up, place clamp over the pipe and the Mega-Claw holds the weight of the fixture for you while you secure it with the solid 3/4" thick handle. The Mega-Claw will fit onto (1-1/2" Pipe) 1.9" OD to 2" OD.

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The Light Source (MBATB) Mega-Batten

The Light Source (MBATB) Mega-Batten Clamp

Uses the same hardware and wrench as the rest of the grid system. 1/2" hole in top for shackles.

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The Light Source (MBAT-TRH.500B) Threaded Rog Hanger

The Light Source (MBAT-TRH.500B) Threaded Rog Hanger for Mega-Batten Clamp

The Light Source's Threaded Rod Hanger for the Mega-Batten Clamp is a 1 inch by 1.25 inch by 3 inch tall machined aircraft grade aluminum body with a .5 inch by .75 inch socket shoulder bolt to connect to the Mega-Batten Clamp. The design load is 1,250 pounds with a minimum design factor of eight to one.

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The Light Source (MLB1-2CS) Mega-Coupler

The Light Source (MLB1-2CS) Mega-Coupler With Flat Head Bolt

3/8" Flat Head Bolt, Silver

The Light Source's Mega-Coupler replaces the standard Hex Head bolt with a flat head countersunk bolt. Available with a 1/2" flat head base or a 3/8" flat head base to fit a flat head bolt. An Allen wrench is required to adjust this bolt. Also available with an M12 flat head metric bolt (40mm length) to fit the Martin Mac 101 LED light or other European fixtures. Order codes for counter sunk couplers with metric bolts are MLB-M12CS and MLM-M12CS.

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The Light Source (PCB1/2) Purlin Clamp

The Light Source (PCB1/2) Purlin Clamp with Fasteners

The Lighting Source's Purlin Clamp is perfect for installing almost anything to bar joists, purlins and I-beams up to 1" thick. A 1/2"-13 × 2.5" fully threaded square head set screw is provided for locking onto the structural member. A 1/2"-13 × 1" grade 5 Hex Head Bolt is supplied to connect the load. Or use a 1/2"-13 tpi threaded rod to support a load at any length. The Purlin Clamp has Micro-grooves for a secure connection to beam. The 1/2" fastener Purlin Clamp body is extruded from aircraft grade aluminum and is 1" thick.

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The Light Source (UB2B) Uni-Bolt

The Light Source (UB2B) Uni-Bolt For Strut Channels

The Lighting Source's Uni-Bolt for fastening fixtures or pipes to strut Channel. Insert the Uni-Bolt into standard 1-5/8 inch by 1-5/8" strut channel, rotate 90 degrees and spin the 2" diameter knurled disk to lock into the channel. Black finish.

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The Light Source (MGB) Mega-Gridlock

The Light Source (MGB) Mega-Gridlock Clamp

The Light Source's MGB Mega-Gridlock Clamp is designed for permanent pipe grid installations in studios and theaters. Joins 2 overlapping pipes together in a 90 degree joint. Grooves act as a wrench holding the nut from turning while installing. Installs with a hex key tool in a battery drill.

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The Light Source (MLBSE) Coupler

The Light Source (MLBSE) Coupler With Eye Nut

With a forged steel eye nut

The Mega-Coupler w/Eye Nut has a Forged Steel Eye Nut for making rigging connections from a pipe or truss. The Forged Eye Nut is secured to the Mega-Coupler with a 1/2" flathead socket screw with permanent loctite. The Eye Nut rigging connection is 2-3/4" below the pipe and is able to swivel for proper orientation before loading. The Mega-Coupler will fasten from 1-1/4" pipe (1.660" OD) to 2.050" OD truss tube. The Mega-Coupler has our wide wing nut for fastening the clamp to the pipe or tube. Safe Vertical Working Load 1100 Pounds, (500 KG).

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The Light Source (MP1.5B.5B) Mega-Coupler

The Light Source (MP1.5B.5B) Mega-Coupler Pipe Adapter

Can also be used on a Mega-Claw

The Lighting Source's Pipe to Coupler Adapter can be used to rig pipe-mounted plasma screens, projectors and speakers from overhead pipe or truss. Special versions are available with cable holes through the side to run power and signal cables inside the vertical pipe.

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The Light Source (WM1.5PB) Wall Mount

The Light Source (WM1.5PB) Wall Mount For Nominal Pipe

The Light Source's Wall Mount quickly secures 1.5" (1.9" O.D.) pipes to the wall for permanent or temporary installations. 1/2"-13 tpi Cup Point Socket Set Screw locks to pipe with a ¼" hex key. Flange ships with 4 × 13/32" (.4065" diameter) holes on 3" centers for bolting to wall with 5/16" or 3/8" fasteners (Fasteners Not included).

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The Light Source (MTPTR12B) Mega-Truss

The Light Source (MTPTR12B) Mega-Truss Pick

For Threaded Rod Installations

The Light Source Mega-Truss Pick is two 1" x 2" × 15" 6061T-6 aluminum bars CNC machined with pockets to support one piece of 12" truss. The Mega-Truss Pick will suspend up to one ton of truss load when the Mega-Truss Pick is secured by two customer supplied 1/2" threaded rods, or two 1/2" forged steel shoulder eyebolts fastened through the outside support holes. The two 1/2" threaded rods run through the both of the vertical holes on the Truss Pick. All of the holes are through holes without threading. The load is held in place by nuts and washers top and bottom. Use nyloc nuts with a USS washer for the bottom connection. Use regular nuts with a lockwasher and USS washer for the top threaded rod truss pick connection.

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The Light Source (MTP11.4375MHB) Mega Truss

The Light Source (MTP11.4375MHB) Mega Truss Pick

1/2"-13 steel swivel eyebolts with our solid aluminum wing nuts.

The Light Source Mega Truss Pick Fits Global trussing with 11-7/16" truss cord. This Mega-Truss Pick is notched to fit under the diagonal bracing of this European style of truss. The Mega-Truss Pick is stronger than your truss. Always follow your truss manufacturer's specifications for loading your truss. Never overload your truss. MH = Multi-hole.

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The Light Source (ML9B-NN) 90 Degree Fixed Coupler

The Lighting Source's 90 Degree Fixed Mega-Coupler will fasten from 1-1/4" pipe (1.660" OD) to 2.050" OD truss tube. The Mega-Coupler has the wide wing nuts for fastening the clamp to the pipe or tube. Safe Vertical Working Load 1100 Pounds, (500 KG).

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The Light Source (MLM) Mega-Coupler With Hex Head Bolt

The Lighting Source's Mega-Coupler has a 1/2" × 1 1/4" Hex Head Bolt with The Light Source Wing Nut. Our Mega-Coupler has solid nut tabs that won't break off. It uses standard 1/2 inch by 1-1/4 inch long hex head grade 8 bolts to secure your load. The bolt head locks into the hex milled pocket so that you can tighten the nyloc nut while the clamp is installed. The Mega-Coupler fastens from (1-1/4" Pipe) 1.66" OD to 2" OD truss tube and has the industry compatible 14 mm thick base.

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The Light Source (VCB) Versi-Clamp

The Light Source (VCB) Versi-Clamp With Quick Release Handle

The Light Source's Versi-Clamp wraps around the entire range of standard truss, from 2" OD down to 1" OD, all without marring the truss. The unique 2 position latch on the link saves time when switching from 2" truss to a small truss, just connect to the second latch for the smaller sizes. The quick release handle takes only 2 turns to be able to drop the locking mechanism, and release the clamp from the truss.

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The Lighting Source (MDDB24) Mega-Drop

The Lighting Source (MDDB24) Mega-Drop Down

The Mega-Drop Down is a quick and inexpensive way to place a light fixture below the pipe or grid. It now has new wrench flats for easy adjustments. The Mega-Drop Down is made from solid 3/4" diameter 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum and is made in 6", 9", 12", 18" 24", and 36" lengths. When assembling the Drop down to the Mega-Clamp, use Loctite Red or other permanent thread-locking compound to make the connection secure.

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The Light Source (SCB) Safety Cable

The Light Source (SCB) Safety Cable 

30" Safety Cable with Black Powder Coat Finish

The Light Source's SCB Safety Cable is a 30" long safety cable for rigging applicaitons that is made from 1/8" aircraft-grade cable with a 5/16" grommeted snap hook. This cable comes features a safe vertical working load of 200 pounds and comes with a black powder coat finish.

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The Light Source is known for their innvative, money-saving lighting accessories. From clamps and claws to grid and track systems, The Light Source has the right tool to get the job done! CCI Solutions is proud to offer a selection of their finest products.