LCD Video Projectors

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projectors are the perfect way to share information from your computer to a group and are traditionally used for home theater systems, business meetings, and audio-visual presentations in schools and classrooms. LCD projectors come in a variety of sizes and offer a rich, sharp, color-saturated image, encompassing all models of LCD technology. LCD video projectors measure brightness in color lumens. At full brightness, LCD projectors deliver vivid colors, making them the best family room projectors to go along with your home theater system.

The advantages of having LCD laser projectors in your classroom, business or government office include offering a reliable, clear, and crisp data display, as well as the flexibility of placement and mounting on walls and ceilings. These LCD video projectors are essential components of a full-functional multimedia presentation or production. Use these devices to project displays at worship services, lectures, business meetings, and more.

How Do LCD Projectors Work?

LCD video projectors use a bright lamp to produce images on a screen or wall, using three liquid crystal panels, a prism, and filters. Sending light from the LCD panels through the dichroic prism recombines the light, which then sends the image out the main lens and onto the surface to which it is being projected. Light output is essential for maximum performance. Standard LCD projectors produce 2000 lumens or more of light, whereas large room projectors produce up to 25,000 lumens.

Is an LCD Projector Right for You?

Multimedia projectors offer the flexibility to pair with a variety of media sources. Consider your primary intended use and where you want to position your LCD laser projector. Depending on how much space you'll have between your screen and the projector will help indicate the best option for you. Many LCD projectors offer HDMI capabilities, several mounting options, and are easy to transport. Consider the specific functions you want your projector to provide and determine the features you can't live without.

Features to Consider:

  • Screen size: LCD video projectors can display images up to 40 times that of a 50-inch TV
  • Throw distance: Know how much space you'll have between the projector and your screen
  • Ambient light estimates: Controlled lighting often helps produce the best projected image quality

For more information about LCD video projectors, contact our consultants at CCI Solutions today. We carry a wide selection of professional video equipment to meet your needs and requirements.