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Wireless Headset Microphones


If you're looking for the best Wireless microphone solutions, then look no further! We combined the Shure QLXD14 Digital Wireless system which delivers defined, reliable performance with clear 24-bit digital audio with the DPA d:fine that gets you the best-sounding microphone CCI Solutions has ever carried. All this is one bundle that will give you the best possible audio clarity out there!

Shure QLXD14

The Shure QLXD14 bodypack wireless system is part of Shure's QLX-D digital wireless system family. It delivers defined, smooth performance with clear 24-bit digital audio. This version operates in the H50 frequency band (534 - 598 MHz); and it includes the QLXD1 wireless bodypack transmitter, QLXD4 digital wireless receiver, WA305 instrument cable, power supply, two AA batteries, two 1/2 wave antennas, two BNC cables, two BNC bulkhead adapters, rackmount kit, zipper bag, and user guide. Combining professional features with simplified setup and operation, QLX-D systems offer excellent wireless functionality for demanding live sound events and installations.

Shure QLXD14 System Features:

  • Components: QLXD1 bodypack transmitter, QLXD4 receiver, WA305 instrument cable, power supply, AA batteries, antennas, BNC cables, BNC adapters, rackmount kit, zip bag, & user guide
  • Operates in H50 band (534-598 MHz)
  • Transparent 24-bit digital audio
  • Great for mid-size events & installs in HOW, businesses, hotels, government offices, conference venues, schools, & live performance spaces

DPA d:fine

With the DPA d:fine omnidirectional headset microphone with 4-pin Hirose connector, you get one of the best-sounding, easy-to-use head-worn mics available. The DPA d:fine is ergonomically designed to fit very securely, yet so comfortable, you'll hardly know you are wearing it. Staying true to the DPA legacy, the d:fine mic rejects side and background noise while creating higher separation from nearby sound sources which improves the gain-to-feedback ratio and gives more channel control. With the DPA d:fine, you can both speak and sing with no hint of distortion. This is where the DPA d:fine is head and shoulders above its competition. This omnidirectional mic gives you more natural sound, can handle extremely high sound pressure levels, does not suffer from proximity effect and handles the wind, pop and handling noise well.

The d:fine mic includes two different sized windscreens, a capsule protection cap, a cable clip which anchors the cable to your clothing and color coded cable clips to distinguish between multiple mics. Available in beige (matches most skin tones), the DPA d:fine is delivered in a neat, professional road-worthy box with room for accessories like transmitters, batteries and more.

DPA d:fine Features:

  • Pristine audio quality
  • Easy and intuitive mounting
  • Rejects background noise
  • Hardwired for Audio-Technica wireless
  • Changeable ear hook cable
  • One size fits all
  • Easy change from left to right
  • Comes with makeup cap, identification rings, and zip case
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AKG WMS420  


UHF Wireless Headset System (Band A: 530-559 MHz)

AKG WMS420 Features:

  • Designed for live sound reinforcement
  • Includes PT420 transmitter, SR420 receiver, 2 detachable RF antennas, AC adapter, mic stand adapter, AA battery, & C555 L headworn mic
  • Receiver front . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  AKG-WMS420HSA
$349.00 + Free Shipping
List Price $439.00
Save 21% with CCI Solutions
Buy the AKG WMS420 Now
Audio-Technica System 10 Lapel Wireless System  

Audio-Technica System 10 Lapel Wireless System PRO 92cW

Lapel wireless system with bodypack and PRO 92cW-TH microphone

Audio-Technica System 10 Lapel Wireless System Features:

  • Great for pastors or speakers who need dependable headworn wireless solutions
  • Includes System 10 Series receiver & bodypack, plus PRO 92cW-TH mic
  • Operates . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  AT-ATW1101H92TH
Buy the Audio-Technica System 10 Lapel Wireless System Now
Audio-Technica ATW-3110B with Countryman E6i  

Audio-Technica ATW-3110B with Countryman E6i 

Wireless Headset Bundle with Audio-Technica ATW-3110B Bodypack System and Countryman E6i Earset Microphone, C Frequency (541.500 - 566.375 MHz)

One of our best-selling systems, the Audio-Technica ATW-3110B with Countryman E6i wireless headworn microphone system is an excellent value for churches, theater groups, schools, and presenters. It features the Countryman . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  AT-ATW3110BCE6I
$768.99 + Free Shipping
List Price $969.00
Save 21% with CCI Solutions
Promo Code Price Available
Buy the Audio-Technica ATW-3110B with Countryman E6i Now
Sennheiser ew D1-ME3  

Sennheiser ew D1-ME3 

Digital Wireless Headworn Mic Set with ME 3-II Headworn Microphone

Sennheiser ew D1-ME3 Features:

  • Lightweight & robust design
  • User-friendly reliability, sound quality, & increased speech intelligibility
  • Up to 15 compatible channels (under optimal conditions) in license-free . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  SEN-D1-ME3
$549.00 + Free Shipping
List Price $689.00
Save 20% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Sennheiser ew D1-ME3 Now
Shure GLXD14 E6i  

Shure GLXD14 E6i 

Digital wireless mic system with Countryman E6i headworn mic

Our exclusive Shure GLX-D 14 with Countryman E6i bundle pairs the GLX-D 14 bodypack system with the Countryman E6i headset microphone. The GLX-D 14 bodypack system consists of a GLXD1 bodypack transmitter, GLXD4 receiver, Countryman . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  SHU-GLXD14E6I
$699.99 + Free Shipping
List Price $1,076.00
Save 35% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Shure GLXD14 E6i Now
Superlux HMD-685A  

Superlux HMD-685A Professional intercom headsets with flexible anti-vibration gooseneck boom microphones

Flexible anti-vibration gooseneck boom microphones

Superlux HMD-685a Features:

  • Professional-grade, single-ear headset
  • Flexible, anti-vibration gooseneck boom mic
  • Dynamic, noise-compensating capsules
  • Circumaural ear cup
  • Meets requirements . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  SPX-HMD685A
Buy the Superlux HMD-685A Now