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Tech Arts & Worship Teams


Keys to Building Community at Your Church

A Handshake Goes a Long Way

Who's the Boss?

Techs and Worship Leaders - Ten Ways To Support Each Other

Creating Community VS. Recruiting Bodies

Celebrate Easter For Community For You

Setting Ourselves Apart in Integration

AV Techs are Worship Leaders Too

Don't Be A Hero

Ask The Right Questions

No I in Team

From No to Yes

Time For A Change

Ignoring The Crutches

Changing Focus - A Culture That Thrives



Adding Visuals

Live Sound for Worship


Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part One: Gain

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Two: Channel Layout

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Three: Understanding EQ

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Four: Making EQ Work for You

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Five: EQ Tips

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Six: The Rest of the Channel Strip

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Seven: The Mix Pyramid

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Eight: Mix Pyramid - The Architect

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Nine: Listening

Mix Sound Like a Pro. Part Ten: Wrap Up

Guitar Amps in Your Worship

Eliminate Ground Loop Hum

Avoid Wireless Mic Problems

Sound Guy's Tip For Great Sound

5 Keys Ways To Solid Choir Sound

Proper Speaker Placement

I Can't Hear Anything

Audio Snake Basics

Glossary of Technical Sound Terms

Channel Inserts

Portable Sound System Tips

Feedback Control

Are Your Drums Too Loud?

How Much Power Do I need

Mixing Concepts You Can Use

Going the Distance for Your Mix



Lighting 101: Demystifying DMX

Lighting 101: Controllers

Lighting 101: Dimmers

Lighting 101: Conventional Fixtures

Lighting 101: LED

Lighting 101: Moving Lights

Lighting 101: Design

Lighting 101: Putting A Church Stage Lighting System Together

Harness the Power of Color for Your Stage Lighting

Flat PAR LED Lighting Fixtures

Lighting: The Most Important Thing

Great Fixtures

Getting Started with Stage Design

Set Design that is Versatile and Dimensional

Which Light Is Which?

Patterns in Light

Intentional Lighting

Getting Started with LEDs

7 Tips for Creating an Engaging Worship Space

Lights Out

No Longer A Myth: Great, White LED Fixtures

LED Lighting - an Overview

Wireless Microphone Systems


Choosing the Best Wireless Microphone System

Which Wireless System is Right for You

The Most Important Microphone You Own

Wireless vs Wired Mics



Choir Miking

How to Handle a Handheld Microphone

Product Review: Audio Technica AT-2010 Condenser Vocal Microphone

Microphones 101 - How Microphones Work

Miking Drums for Recording

How to Mic a Drumset Video Series

Stereo Microphone Techniques

Microphone Basics

Microphone Basics Part 2

Digital Mixers


Top 8 Digital Mixers We Like!

Confessions of a Technical Artist

In-Ear Monitor System


In-Ear Monitors

Engaging Worship Mix? Or Not So Much

Choosing the Right In Ears or Headphones - Music To Your Ears

In-Ear Monitor Isolation - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Maximize Your In-Ear Experience

The State of Mixing Monitors

Serving the Hard of Hearing in Your Church

Installed Sound Equipment


Hanging Loudspeakers

Nursery Paging Systems

How to Get Concert Quality Sound in Your Church



What's the Deal with Laser Projectors

Why Choose Laser


LCD vs DLP Part 2

LCD vs DLP Part 3

Selection Guides & Charts


Cross Reference Charts

Assistive Listening


Integrating an Assistive Listening System

Assistive Listening in Your Church

Signal Processing


How To Use An Audio Compressor In Your Church Sound System Part 1

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