Yamaha MGP Mixers

Yamaha MGP Mixers

The MGP Series builds on Yamaha's extensive professional expertise in audio mixing consoles to offer multiple channel counts of hybrid compact mixers that utilize digital technology in an analog workstation

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Yamaha has taken an innovative new approach to using digital technology in an analog mixer by adding high-resolution effects, iPod/iPhone integration and a new Stereo Hybrid Channel to the warmth and musicality of Yamahas premium analog sound.

With newly-refined D-PRE mic preamps and their new X-pressive EQ, Yamaha MGP mixers deliver a fat, rich, smooth tone with the authentic sound of sought-after classic EQs that makes them stand out against other mixers in their class.

Other useful additions like 1-knob compression with LED lights that tell you when the compression is kicking in, a special Stereo Hybrid Channel that automatically help even out playback levels of various sound sources and optimize stereo sources for playback in mono sound systems.The is even a ducker built in so the pastors mic can take priority over another sound source automatically.

Yamaha has also included a whole new level of iPon/iPhone integration into the MPG mixers. With a direct USB connection and Yamahas free software application your iPod.iPhone can control your consoles DSP settings like effects parameters-as well as Hybrid Channels Priority Ducker, Leveler and iPod/iPhones playback settings. With MGP32X and 24X, setting of GEQ and Master comp can be adjusted. Direct playback of iTunes play list is also possible.

Available Yamaha MGP Series Mixers:
  • MGP32X - 32-Channel
  • MGP24X - 24-Channel
  • MGP16X - 16-Channel
  • MGP12X - 12-Channel