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Audio-Technica AT-8154 2-Stage Foam Uniline Windscreen (Black)

Audio-Technica AT8154 Foam Uniline Windscreen (Black)

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  • Audio-Technica 2-Stage Foam Uniline Windscreen (Black)
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    Specializeing in earth-shaking audio devices,Audio-Technica allows you get pin-drop sound quality that makes all the difference. With the AT8154 2-Stage Foam Uniline Windscreen (Black), your second-stage microphone will deliver a crisp sound, full of the elements you want and free of those you don't. Made especially for Audio-Technica case styles: M32, M33, and M35.

    Unilines are designed to get right in the game, without getting in the way; a slim boomline catches the entire story, while the 2-stage mic filters out what's unimportant. The outer shell slows approaching air and any remaining noise is captured by the second-stage, blimp-screen barrier.

Specifications for the Audio-Technica AT-8154

{ "Fits" : "Audio-Technica case styles M32, M33, M35" }

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