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Audio-Technica ATW-3110B-E6I (I freq) Wireless Headworn Microphone System

Wireless headworn microphen system with 3110B series bodypack and Countryman E6i mic, I frequency band (482.000-507.000 MHz)

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The Most Sought-After Headworn Mic – The Countryman E6i Paired with AT's Dependable 3110B Series Wireless

One of our best selling systems, the Audio-Technica 3110B-E6i wireless headworn microphone system is an excellent value for churches, theater groups, schools and presenters. It features the Countryman E6i headworn microphone, the most popular invisible mic for pastors and singers. The E6i offers excellent feedback rejection, superior sound quality, a comfortable secure fit and it's nearly invisible to your audience!

With up to 1001 selectable UHF frequencies, the Audio-Technica 3110B wireless bodypack microphone system is the most advanced generation of the popular 3000 Series. The new B versions provide the same rock-solid audio performance of previous models with the addition of more usable frequencies, simplified frequency selection, increased system reliability, built-in antenna power, and illuminated transmitter screens for easier visibility

The versatile UniPak® body-pack transmitter features a backlit screen that allows easy reading of setup and operating information in low-light situations. The body pack transmitter also has a dual-color (green and red) power/mute LED to indicate on/mute status at a glance. Its locking battery door gives added security and a three-position sliding cover on the transmitter's control panel prevents accidental shutoff or channel-switching.

Nine pre-coordinated frequency scan groups simplify the selection of usable frequencies on the 3101B receiver in a multi-channel wireless system setup. True Diversity operation selects the better signal from two independent receiver sections, reducing chance of annoying dropouts. Advanced digital Tone Lock™ squelch effectively blocks stray RF to keep unwanted noise out of your system. Receiver antenna input jacks can provide power to operate Audio-Technica powered antennas and accessories or other in-line RF devices. With balanced and unbalanced audio output jacks and increased audio output to +9dBv, this wireless bodypack microphone systems is ready to connect to any pro analog or digital mixer.

3000B Features:
  • New I band frequency range (482.000 – 507.000 MHz) in addition to existing C band (541.500 – 566.375 MHz) and D band (655.500 – 680.375 MHz).
  • 25 kHz frequency spacing: Each 3000 Series wireless system features 25 kHz spacing, providing a choice of 996 UHF frequencies in the C and D bands, 1001 UHF frequencies in the new I band.
  • Antenna power: Receiver antenna input jacks can provide power to operate Audio-Technica powered antennas and accessories or other in-line RF devices.
  • Scan groups: Nine pre-coordinated frequency scan groups on 3000 Series receivers simplify the selection of usable frequencies in a multi-channel wireless system.
  • Backlit LCD: New 3000 Series transmitter offers a backlit screen that clearly presents setup and operating information illuminated for easy viewing.
  • Dual-Color LEDs: New 3000 Series transmitters offer a dual-color (green and red) power/mute LED to indicate on/mute status.
  • True Diversity: True Diversity operation selects the better signal from two independent receiver sections, reducing chance of dropouts.
  • Advanced digital Tone Lock squelch effectively blocks stray RF; the digitally encoded tone also communicates transmitter data for receiver display.
  • Receiver audio output increased to +9dBv.
  • Ground-lift switch helps eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops.
  • Balanced and unbalanced audio output jacks.

Countryman E6 i FEATURES

The Countryman E6i Headset / Earset is the smallest, lightest, and least visible head-worn microphone around.

Replaceable Cables
Only Countryman E6i Headset / Earsets offer inexpensive cable replacement. With other microphones a worn cable requires purchasing a completely new mic. But with the E6i you can buy a replacement cable in advance and easily replace it in less than a minute.

Versatile Soft, highly flexible boom is easily shaped to the speaker or singer's face. The Countryman E6 i is available in multiple skin-like colors. Changeable protective caps let you shape the frequency response for different situations or to match other microphones. Versions available for different speaking or singing styles, with up to 140 dB SPL capability. Quick-connect miniature 1 mm or optional 2 mm super rugged cables. Cables available for almost any wireless transmitter or phantom mic input providing 3 - 48 V.

Rugged and Reliable
Stainless steel, skin-colored almost unbreakable boom can be bent and re-bent many times to fit different performers. The Countryman E6 i Microphone is exceptionally resistant to makeup, sweat and moisture when used with the supplied protective caps. Caps and cable are field-replaceable without tools. One-year limited warranty.

Excellent Isolation
Easy adjustment keeps the mic in the perfect position for rejecting non-vocal sounds. Countryman E6 i omnidirectional EarSets reduce feedback in meeting rooms or houses of worship, an average of 12dB compared to an omnidirectional lavalier. The E6i is one of the most popular pastor mics around.

Exceptional Sound Quality
Frequency response is better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB, with >100 dB dynamic range. Countryman E6 i sound like world-class, full size performance mics-but hands-free, giving the person speaking complete freedom of movement.
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