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Audio-Technica AT-ATW-A54P 541-567 MHz

UHF powered dipole antennas

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-A54P UHF Antennas (Pair)
  • 1 Year Warranty

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    The Audio-Technica ATW-A54P is a pair of UHF (541-567 MHz) powered dipole antennas that provide effective signal pickup for diversity UHF wireless systems where longer antenna runs are required. Designed for temporary or permanent installation, these antennas are powered by 12 volts provided on the antenna cable by the associated receiver or antenna distribution system. An internal gain-setting switch permits selection of +10 or +4 dB operation. Screw-terminal connections in the antennas are designed for use with RG58-type or RG8-type RF transmission cables.


  • 2 UHF (541-567 MHz) powered dipole antennas
  • Effective signal pickup for diversity UHF wireless systems requiring longer antenna runs
  • For temporary or permanent installation
  • Powered by 12V from receiver / distribution system cable
  • Internal gain-setting switch for +10 or +4 dB operation
  • Screw-terminal connections for use with RG58 or RG8 type RF transmission cables

Specifications for the Audio-Technica AT-ATW-A54P

{ "Band Range" : "541-567 MHz", "Compatibility" : "Audio-Technica wireless microphone receivers", "Package Quantity" : "2", "Antenna type" : "Half-wavelength dipole with RF amplifier", "Operating frequencies" : "541-567 MHz", "Output impedance" : "50 ohms", "Nominal amplifier gain" : "+10 dB (Hi), +4 dB (Lo), switch selected", "Power required" : "+12V DC on RF cable center conductor, 14 mA per antenna", "Dimensions (WxHxD)" : "2.44x5.51x5.91" / 6.19x13.99x15.01cm (when mounted vertically)", "Weight" : "9.7 oz. (275 g) each" }

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