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Aviom AVM-D800 (D800) A-Net Distributor With Network Mix Back, Ethernet for iOS devices, and A-Net Bridge input With Network Mix Back, Ethernet for iOS devices, and A-Net Bridge input

Aviom A-Net Distributor with Advanced Capability for Wireless In Ear Monitoring

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What's in the box:

  • Aviom D-800 A-NET Distributor with A-Net Bridge Input
  • Power Cord
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Advanced Capability for Wireless In Ear Monitoring!

    Aviom's D800 A-Net Distributor brings additional connectivity options and advanced features to your Aviom personal mixing system utilizing A360 Personal Mixers. Like the A-16D and A-16D Pro A-Net Distributors, the D800 provides power and audio for up to eight Aviom Personal Mixers. Used in conjunction with the SB4 System Bridge and Pro 16 A-Net console cards, the D800 combines up to four synchronous Pro 16 A-Net streams for sending up to 64 channels directly from your digital console to your A360 Personal Mixers. Mix channels can be individually selected for each A360 Personal Mixer, allowing each musician to control exactly what they need.


  • Distributes power and audio to up to eight A360, A320, A-16II, and A-16R Personal Mixers
  • One Pro16e A-Net In supports A-Net Bridge input from up to four synchronous Pro16 A-Net streams
  • Network Mix Back for streamlined connections to wireless IEM transmitters
  • Ethernet support for iOS devices over Wi-Fi
  • One Pro16e A-Net Out for thru connections
  • Heavy-duty locking connectors for all audio connections

Specifications for the Aviom AVM-D800

{ "A-Net to/from Personal Mixers (front panel)" : [ "Eight locking RJ45 connectors, powered; ", "Compatible with A-16II, A320, and A360 Personal Mixers; ", "2-position switch (I/II) accommodates A-16II and A320 (I) and the bidirectional A360 Personal Mixer (II)" ], "A-Net Bridge In" : "Accepts Pro16 or Pro16e A-Net; one locking RJ45 connector", "A-Net Out (rear panel)" : "Supports system expansion and the A-16II, A320, and A360 Personal Mixers", "A-Net Mixes Out" : [ "Pro16e A-Net; ", "One locking RJ45 connector, unpowered; ", "Provides up to 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) of Network Mix Back™ data from up to eight A360 Personal Mixers" ], "Ethernet" : "for iOS A360 Display support", "LEDs" : "Power On (red); Sync (green)", "USB" : "Used for firmware updates", "A-Net Cables" : "Unshielded Cat-5e cable may be used on all rear panel connections", "Output Voltage for Personal Mixers" : "Transmitted over the Cat-5e cable", "Power Supply" : "Internal, universal switching type, IEC connector", "Input Voltage" : "Fuse - 250VAC~ T4AL", "Dimensions" : "2U, 3.5" (88.9 mm) high", "Weight" : "12.0 lbs (5.44 kg)", "Dante Specifications" : { "Dante Primary I/O" : "Locking RJ45 connector", "Dante Secondary I/O" : "Locking RJ45 connector", "Stereo Link" : "used to set up to 32 channel pairs as stereo links", "Stereo Link Defeat" : "Bypasses DIP switch stereo link settings", "Disable DIP switch" : "Chooses Dante (down) or A-Net In (up) as the input source for the D800-Dante", "ID1, ID2 DIP Switch" : "Reserved", "A, B, C, D DIP switch" : "Reserved", "LEDs (rear panel)" : [ "Error (red); ", "Sync (green); ", "1GB Active (red); ", "Network Activity (green)" ], "Supported Dante Sample Rates" : [ "44.1, 48kHz - 64 channels ", "88.2, 96kHz - 32 channels ", "176.4, 192kHz - 16 channels" ], "Static IP support" : "Yes", "AES67 Support" : "Yes" } }