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MediaSAFE Silver Ink Jet (301030660174-12) Print to Hub Blank CDs

52x 80 Minute CD-Rs, Spindle of 100

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See More of Your Artwork with Our Popular MediaSAFE Premium Grade Print to Hub Discs!

Our MediaSafe Premium Grade blank CD perform 100x better than "office store" brands! Fewer failures mean a better value for you - especially when you're buying your blank CD for the same price as your local office store! These 80 minute discs provide the best performance with the lowest error rate. Their silver inkjet surface finish makes them perfect for direct-to-hub printing (the printed material can cover nearly all of the blank CD surface) to provide outstanding print images. Use these discs with the Microboards Printfactory, Epson Disc Printer, and Microboards PF-Pro disc printers.

When you have important media projects to produce, these are the discs to use.

  • 100x Better performance that "office store" brand blank CD
  • 52x Burn speed
  • Guaranteed to read or playback for 100 years
  • Silver surface is perfect for use with ink jet disc printers
  • Flattest blank CD made–records and plays all tracks
  • Plays and records in almost every player and recorder in the market
  • FDA approved recording media
  • Zero wave distortion
  • Lowest jitter and deviation levels in the industry
  • Carries the Philips patent License Certificate.