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ClearSonic CLE-AP11 (AP11) Guitar Amplifier Sound Shield

ClearSonic Designed to deflect and absorb sound, 3SD Sorber baffle used as a lid, portable

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designed for a small combo amp or a 1 x 12 speaker cabinet

    ClearSonic's AP11 is an AP10 with a Lid baffle added. Suitable for a small combo amp or a speaker cabinet (1 x 12). An A1224x4 shield wraps around the front of the cabinet and two S2224 SORBER baffles are tacked together with included Velcro and placed in a 'V' configuration around the back to reduce the amount of sound bleeding out the back. An S2433 baffle is placed on top to reduce overall volume even more. When the ClearSonic AmpPac 11 amp shield is set up, we recommend leaving a gap near the back of the lid to allow for air exchange (this is especially important with tube amps). Dimensions: 35" wide x 30" deep x 24" high w/Lid AmpPac 11

Specifications for the ClearSonic CLE-AP11

{ "Contains" : [ "(1) A1224x4", "(2) S2224", "(1) S2233" ], "Dimensions " : "35-inch wide x 30-inch deep x 24-inch high" }