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ClearSonic Isopac A DK Grey Drum Shield

Drum shield includes (1) A5-7, (7)AX12, (3)S5-2, (7)S2, (1)STC5, (2)STS5, FAN, (1)STC512

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Complete drum shield enclosure package contains and absorbs the sound of the drums to improve your overall mix.


drum shield

is by far the best method of controlling the volume of acoustic drums in a live performance setting. The ClearSonic IsoPac A drum shield combines acrylic shields, SORBER absorption baffles and a lid system creating a portable isolation booth. Isolating the drum sound allows the singers and musicians to lower their stage monitors and improve the mix they use during the performance. With almost no drum sound bleeding off the stage and lower stage monitors it becomes much easier to create a professional sounding audio mix. The use of the drum shield allows the sound-techs to control the overall volume, your visitors will enjoy the performance and so will you.

What are drum shield SORBER absorption baffles? They are very light-weight foam panels for the drum shield that soak up reflected and direct sound. Soaking up stray sound helps keep the drumkit from sounding “roomier” than desired. There are three sizes of SORBER absorption baffles. The S5-2 model is 5 ½’ tall by 4’ wide. The S4-2 is a smaller version of the S5-2. The smallest model is the S2 SORBER, and is 2’ by 2’. The S2 SORBER can be used as wall treatments for studios, basements, church sanctuaries, etc. to soak up sound that might be bouncing around the room. They can also be applied to the ClearSonic drum shield panels by using included velcro patches.

What are ClearSonic drum shield panels? They are durable, acrylic panels that provide acoustic separation between instruments – either on stage or in the studio. They help reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument mics, as well as lower stage volume, allowing everyone to hear themselves better. These drum shield panels feature full-length “accordian style” hinges. These hinges allow the drum shield panels to fold in half, making transportation and storage much easier. There are no gaps between the panels for sound to escape. Cable cut-outs between panels are standard, so your set-up won’t be compromised . Model A5-7 drum shield is a set of seven 5 ½’ high by 2’ wide panels. AX-12 and AX-18 height extension panels are 12” and 18” panels, respectively, that can be added to the top of your ClearSonic drum shield Panels to boost the height of your IsoPac system.

The drum shield Sorber Lid Systems (to be used with an IsoPac system with 5 ClearSonic drum shield panels or more) substantially reduce sound that would normally escape up and out the top of the enclosure. A lightweight yet sturdy telescoping aluminum bar supports the three Sorber Lid panels. The Lid is especially helpful if you have a room with high, hard ceilings. ClearSonic drum shield Lid systems and IsoPacs are easy to get in and out of. Since drum shield SORBER panels don't actually connect to the ClearSonic Panels, you can simply use one side of an S5-2 (two sections hinged together) as a “door”.

The A Version of the IsoPac drum shield system features the ClearSonic drum shield Lid System described above. IsoPac A includes (1) A5-7 (7 ClearSonic Panels), (7) AX 12 height extenders (extending the height of the system one full foot), (3) S5-2 regular SORBER absorption panels, (7) S2 small SORBER absorption baffles, (1) STC5 center lid section, (2) STS5 trapezoid lid panels, (1) FAN to keep the booth IsoPac booth cool.

This DG verison comes in dark grey. When assembled, the IsoPac A drum shield has a diameter of approximately 7 feet.

For more information read how to choose a drum shield.
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