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CCI Solutions > Sound > Drum Shield > ClearSonic STC4

ClearSonic STC4 Center Lid Section

Sound shield 2' x 4' center lid section only. Covered in dark gray fabric.

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Part of the Sorber Lid System That Enhances the Sound Isolation for ISOPack Drum Shields

The Clearsonic STC4 is a 24” x 48” sound-absorbing panel that is part of a Lid System for ClearSonic IsoPack drum shields. Used in conjunction with angled STS4 side panels and telescoping aluminum support bars (CLE-BAR), the STC4 center panel helps create a roof or lid designed to substantially reduce sound that would normally escape upwards.

The panel is covered with a dark gray fabric and can be secured together with other panels using standard hook-and-loop strips. Side panels and support bars are sold seperately. Complete lid system are also available.

ClearSonic STC4 Features:

  • Constructed from absorptive fiberglass encased in heavy-duty cloth
  • Reduces reflections
  • Works well with Velcro
  • Works with ClearSonic panels
  • 48" H x 24" W x 1.5" D
  • Color: Dark Gray
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