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CCI Solutions > Sound > Drum Shield > ClearSonic STC512 DG

ClearSonic STC512 DG IsoPac Lid Extension Panel

Isolation booth lid center panel, 12" x 66" x 1.5", dark gray

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Add This Panel to Extend the Width of Your ClearSonic Lid System

The Clearsonic STC512 is a 12” x 66” sound-absorbing panel. This single section is one of the various lid panels that can be used to make up a Clearsonic Lid System. STC512 can be used in conjunction with angled STS5-D side panels, the 24"-wide STC5 center section and telescoping aluminum support bars (CLE-BAR) to build the lid to fit your drum shield system. A lid system like this will substantially reduce sound escaping upwards out of the drum shield enclusure. Side panels and support bars are sold seperately. Complete lid system are also available.

The panel is covered with a dark gray fabric and can be secured together with other panels using standard hook-and-loop strips. A light gray version is also avaliable.

ClearSonic STC512 Features:
  • Constructed from absorptive fiberglass encased in heavy-duty cloth
  • Reduces reflections
  • Works well with Velcro
  • Works with ClearSonic panels
  • 5.5' H x 1' W x 1.5" D
  • Color: Dark Gray
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