Countryman E6 Protective Cap black

omnidirectional microphone protective cap

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  • Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Protective Cap (Black)
  • 1 Year Warranty

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    Countryman COU-E6CAPB8 Protective Cap (Black) Omnidirectional microphones come with three protective caps (+0dB, +4dB, and +8dB). The caps each have a different high frequency response characteristics that control the amount of crispness or sibilance (response at 15 kHz). This cap has a bright frequency response with +8dB boost @ 15 kHz. Earset should always be used with a protective cap to keep sweat, makeup and other foreign material out of microphone.


  • Protective cap for E6/E6i lapel mic
  • Keeps sweat, makeup, etc. out of mic
  • Bright frequency response (+8 dB @ 15kHz)

Specifications for the Countryman E6 Protective Cap

{ "Included" : "E6 Directional Protective Cap", "Color" : "Black", "Shape" : "Very Bright" }

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